Social Worker Renee Burgan: Gun Violence is Normalized

A town meeting in Hagerstown, Maryland regarding guns and violence – because, let’s face it, there is no “gun violence” just violence with various tools – made one thing clear. Although people absolutely should band together they should also back legal gun owners and legit self-defense method. Ever hear of fighting back? “Everybody has the […]

The Desert Sun: Second Amendment is Obsolete

Why do we share these quotes and letter-to-the-editor excerpts? Because you need to be aware of the thought processes and rationale of those who oppose gun rights and civilian gun ownership. That’s why The recent rash of senseless gun-related mass killings requires a review of the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights. It reads: […]

Brady Campaign Wants to Keep 3D Guns From ‘Terrorists and Other Dangerous People’

The Brady Campaign for Civilian Disarmament to Prevent Gun Violence has sued the Trump administration over the State Department’s decision to pull its opposition to publishing 3-D gun plans. “The Trump Administration must explain to the public why it chose to reverse longstanding State Department policy opposing publication of blueprints, and decide to allow terrorists […]