Wood: Armed Self-Defense Videos Instill a Dangerous, Unrealistic ‘Sheepdog Mentality’

The [self-defense shooting video] channels are not sinister in themselves. [John] Correia combines old-fashioned moralism—including regular reminders that you are accountable to Jesus and the law for every round you fire, and that acts of brutality toward the vulnerable are among the worst you can commit—with extreme violence. I came away from a day with […]

Vox: Police Support Armed Citizens As Long As They’re Not Black or Brown

A recent paper by University of Arizona sociologist Jennifer Carlson offers some insight into the police’s behavior. She conducted dozens of hours of interviews about guns with 79 police chiefs in three states — Michigan, California, and Arizona — to try to better understand the way police see armed civilians. Carlson found that police leaders tended […]

Americans Will Respond to Riots and Looting at the Ballot Box, the Gun Store and the U-Haul Counter

Surely there will be consequences in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles, and other cities where leaders have refused to push back against these forces of disorder parading as moral righteousness. The mayors’ inaction devastates the very communities they are sworn to protect and defend. And what about the Democratic party, to which these […]

Giffords: California Must Continue the Fight to Keep ‘Large Capacity’ Magazines Illegal

The two judges in the Duncan v. Becerra majority got it wrong. The majority’s opinion conflicts with the court’s own precedents and decisions by six other federal appeals courts that have maintained magazine limits under the 2nd Amendment. Authored by a judge appointed by President Donald Trump, the opinion is also striking in what it […]

Rutledge: The NY AG’s Attack On the NRA is an Assault on the Second Amendment and All Who Support It

Arkansas’ Attorney General says gun rights, the NRA and the Second Amendment are under assault from the left. This must be a day ending in ‘y.’ The left has long attacked the Second Amendment, as they believe it is antiquated and unnecessary, and have assured us they can protect us better than we can protect ourselves. But in […]

Democrats Betting Big That Gun Control Will Still Appeal to Middle-of-the-Road Suburban Voters

The subhead of this Atlantic article is ‘The party is betting that support for restrictions is more likely to attract moderate voters than turn them off.’ That probably seemed like a really good strategy before March, when a pandemic followed by widespread rioting, looting and defunding of police departments sparked the biggest gun buying surge […]

Joe Biden is Baffled by the Second Amendment

To be fair, there isn’t much that doesn’t baffle ol’ Joe these days. When it overturned California’s 10-round magazine limit last Friday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit emphasized what Americans commonly do when they exercise their constitutional right to armed self-defense. Joe Biden, by contrast, thinks the relevant question is how […]