Schmidt: The 2A Means Slaughter and Servitude to the Gun Industry

The quote of the day is presented by Retired UW-Madison psychiatry professor Gregory L. Schmidt’s view of the Second Amendment serves to reinforce the city’s unofficial motto: seventy-seven square miles surrounded by reality. The United States Constitution was ratified in 1791. Jump ahead to 1861. On April 14, following the inauguration of President Abraham Lincoln, […]

Democrats See Beto’s Confiscation Plans as a Threat to Getting the GOP to Agree to Gun Control

The quote of the day is presented by Unpaid Democrat party mouthpiece Chris Cillizza is back, fretting again about the effect Robert Francis O’Rourke’s fire-breathing gun confiscation advocacy is having on Congressional Democrats’ efforts to lure Trump and Republicans into a potentially fatal bargain on gun control about a year from the election. The fact […]

Oliver: The Anti-Gun Left’s ‘Solutions’ to Mass Shootings Won’t Work, And They Know It

The quote of the day is presented by The liberals demand one or more of several “solutions” to the mass shooting problem. One is to outlaw “assault weapons.” “Assault weapons” is a category invented by liberals. It has no particular meaning. One aspect of “assault weapons” is that they hold multiple bullets (as do, of […]

We Need to Deemphasize the Negative Freedom of Gun Rights in Favor of the Positive Freedom of Life

The quote of the day is presented by Opponents of gun-ownership constraints focus on what political scientists call “negative freedom,” which suggests government restrictions on behavior are unwarranted. Seldom does the gun control debate take account of “positive freedom,” which strives to offer a rich menu of options to its beneficiaries. Alone on his island, […]

Data Shows Another ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban, ‘Buyback’ Won’t Work…Not That It Matters To Anti-Gunners

The quote of the day is presented by Why do anti-gun Democrats and media members (BIRM) disregard data regarding gun control efficacy, yet attack those who challenge of climate change study results? It’s almost as if there’s a double standard here. This sizable arsenal (of civilian-owned AR-15 rifles) usually brings up another problematic proposal: mandatory […]

Trump and the Republican Party Owe ‘Beto’ O’Rourke a Debt of Gratitude

The quote of the day is presented by This bit of analysis is from Chris Cillizza. Of CNN. There’s no more stalwart supporter of Democrat conventional wisdom in the media. Up until very recently, the Democrats-want-to-get-rid-of-the-Second-Amendment talk was, like so much of Trump’s rhetoric, outlandish and without any basis in facts. Obama in 2008 and […]

The Real Danger San Francisco’s Designation of the NRA as a ‘Terrorist Orgainization’ Presents

The quote of the day is presented by As a general rule, speech isn’t “incitement” unless it’s not only directed to producing “imminent lawless action,” but also likely “to produce such action.” Terrorism is also a defined term under law. A person commits an act of terrorism if they violate the criminal law with the intention of […]