Anti-Gun Dems Don’t Even Know What They Don’t Know About Guns…And They Don’t Care

The tragic thing is that the once-defeated presidential candidate is backing Biden, who said from the debate stage the firearms industry was “the enemy.” Kerry’s throwing his support behind the guy who would ban modern sporting rifles, and who proposes taxpayer-funded buybacks to gather them up, thinks a federal gun rationing plan is appropriate, and wants to […]

Lichtman: It’s Time to Repeal the Second Amendment to Build a Safer America

This upcoming book from American University distinguished professor of history Allan J. Licthman will have members of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex camped out in front of book stores and repeatedly hitting the ‘BUY NOW’ at Amazon in anxious anticipation of having their world view reinforced. Why has America lagged behind the democratic world in […]

Forget About Those ‘Commonsense Discussions’ Gun-Grabbers Always Claim They Want

Can you have a commonsense discussion with a gun grabber who smears his feces on the wall and calls it “commonsense gun legislation?” Can you have a commonsense discussion with legislators who abuse the powers of their offices to shut down legitimate businesses merely because they sell a (perfectly legal) product that they do not like? Can […]