Stacey Abrams: Standing Your Ground Makes You a Bigot

Georgia readers, check out Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams’ gun views as voting day approaches: “…people get shot in the streets because some bigot decided he got to stand his ground.”, Stacey Abrams Video “We need waiting periods because we know that we need time to find out what’s happened. We should make […]

Greg Ellifritz On the Real-Life Run-and-Gun

Greg Ellifritz wrote a stellar post regarding the Molotov cocktail situation in Palestine and why it is absolutely relevant to our currently tumultuous times. Check it out (link below): When in your vehicle, do you carry your gun on your person? Or do you keep it in the glove compartment “just in case I need […]

Gottlieb: Washington State i1639 Criminalizes Gun Owners

Why you’d better get out and vote: “…if an offender does break into your house, and they steal your unsecured firearm, you may be held liable for the criminal’s actions, victimizing you twice — once by the criminal and again by the state.” “This extreme initiative mandates blatant age discrimination, requires additional costly firearm registration, […]

The Gun Control Act of 1968 – 50 Years of Arbitrary ‘Statist Quo’ Laws and Regulations

“In pro-gun circles, it’s fashionable to brag about how the Second Amendment has stood strong against government infringements. In a relative sense, this is somewhat accurate. Compared to say, the health care sector , gun rights are in some regards more secure. But in the present-day climate of administrative politics, complacency is government growth’s best friend. And […]

‘Halloween’: Fighting Back With Shotguns

“In which evil gets its due and there is no feel-good lesson to be learned, except one: Guns protect you. … The climactic scenes, with many male corpses strewn about the scenery but three women standing tall, constitute a witty reframing of one of Hollywood’s most consuming notions these days: that to be female is to […]