Hundreds of Gun Rights Supporters Protest Outside Virginia Beach City Council Meeting

With control of the state legislature flipping from red to blue, Virginia democrats are planning an ambitious agenda of gun rights restrictions and confiscation laws once they officially take control in January. Twenty-two counties (and counting) have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries. Last night. the VCDL rallied outside a meeting of the Virginia Beach city […]

Have Democrats Decided That Running On Gun Control is a Bad Electoral Strategy?

It appears that Democrats have adopted the Behar approach to electoral success. “Even in a Democratic presidential primary, every candidate who campaigned primarily on extreme gun ban platforms has been rejected,” Catherine Mortensen, an NRA spokesperson, told the Free Beacon. “While the remaining candidates and their media allies may try and sweep this issue under the […]

Indiana Supreme Court Refuses to Halt City of Gary Lawsuit Against 10 Gun Makers

The quote of the day is presented by Gary alleges the gun manufacturers engaged in unlawful sales and marketing practices that contributed to increased crime in Gary during the late 1990s, and caused the city to incur significant costs for the resulting criminal investigations and prosecutions, according to court records. The case has lingered […]