Volsky: Being a Patriotic American Means Regulating the Gun Business and Gun Owners Proving They’re Responsible

Guns Down author Igor Volsky has his own vision for what it means to be a patriotic American. How great is that? …Eighty percent of the (American) Rifleman editorials that portrayed gun owners as being under threat used identity language that portrayed gun owners in a positive light. of the pro-gun letter to the editors […]

Gun Control’s Biggest Enemy: Facts

To the civilian disarmament industrial complex, the most dangerous thing in the world is someone who thinks for herself. Ten years later, I was married with two young daughters. Gun control was the number one political issue in Utah and in the nation. On a local, state and national stage, female ringleaders like Sarah Brady, […]

The 3D Genie Is Already Out of the Bottle, Gun Banners Just Don’t Know It

Most shocking news of today: a Massachusetts legislator is opining on something about which he knows absolutely nothing. Seems kind of like a pointless fight to me, because in the short time before Defense Distributed withdrew its post, hundreds of other websites had copied it. They still host the blueprints. (Massachusetts legislator David) Linsky hadn’t […]

Corporate Gun Control: Citigroup CEO Says Bank Just Wants to Keep Guns Out of ‘Wrong People’s Hands’

When any public company decides to focus not on its core area of business, but on re-making society in a way senior management envisions, investors should run for the hills. “Citigroup has no business threatening law-abiding business owners for exercising their Second Amendment rights,” (Justin) Danhof told (Citibank) CEO Michael Corbat and the company’s board. […]

Feds Ban Bump Stocks, Gun Owners Refuse to Comply

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm, at the direction of President Trump, waived its regulatory magic wand and designated bump fire stocks as machine guns. That rendered hundreds of thousands of legally purchased firearm accessories illegal. The response: America’s gun owners seem to have raised a collective middle finger toward Washington. The nationwide ban […]

New Zealand Police Expecting Massive Non-Compliance

Under New Zealand’s new mandatory buyback confiscation law, owners of semi-automatic firearms have until September 30 to turn them in. But based on this Reuters report, authorities are expecting only a fraction of those who own the newly outlawed guns to comply. Police Deputy Police Commissioner Michael Clement told a news conference on Thursday that […]