Video Games Should Replace Shooting Things with Sorting Laundry or Cuddling With Your Cat

We present the following without further comment. Shooting things in games is intrinsically compelling. Firing, watching something blow up, and then seeing our score ping higher on the screen creates an exciting feedback loop that gives us immediate agency and power. Shooters are the most popular genre of video game in the U.S. and account for […]

Dallas Presbyterian Church Ordains First ‘Minister of Gun Violence Prevention’

First-known minister of Gun Violence Prevention ordained in July: The Rev. Deana Hollas will work for Presbyterian Peace Fellowship. – #PCUSA — Presbyterian Church (@Presbyterian) July 16, 2019 The Grace Presbytery, part of the Presbyterian Church USA, has congregations in north and northeast Texas. The Presbytery recently ordained its first minister of gun […]

America Has Three Wildly Different Gun Cultures

By declining to vote on a long list of gun control proposals, Virginia legislators reminded us of what is really preventing America from coming together in a bipartisan way on this issue: Americans are divided between three wildly different gun cultures. First, there is the freedom-loving, law-abiding, gun rights culture that upholds the responsible use […]

Oliver North: Wayne LaPierre and Attorney Brewer Cooked Up Story About a Coup Attempt

As part of the continuing swirl of mismanagement, controversy and recriminations swirling around the National Rifle Association, the NRA sued its former president, Oliver North, accusing him, among other things, of engineering a coup attempt in an effort to bring down NRA EVP and CEO Wayne LaPierre. Yesterday, attorneys for North filed a response to […]

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School Educating The Next Generation of Gun Control Advocates

Johns Hopkins University is the home of the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Yes, that Bloomberg. Daddy Bloombucks spares no expense in funding the university’s anti-gun research and advocacy efforts, which is primarily directed out of the Center for Gun Policy and Research. That operation is run by Professor Daniel Webster, the Garen Wintemute of […]

Vox’s German Lopez: Now’s The Time to Get Serious About Licensing, Gun Bans and Confiscation

There’s literally no issue in America that the galaxy brains at Vox can’t address with a, uh, liberal application of bigger, more intrusive, increasingly authoritarian government action and spending. And few of those issues inspire more ambitious thinking on the part of the Voxen than that pesky, uniquely American “problem” of civilian gun ownership. Gun […]

Virginia State Senator Gives Gov. Northam Exactly What He Didn’t Ask For in Special Session

This is how you respond to a blood-dancing political opportunist’s attempt to use a tragedy to further the cause of civilian disarmament. “Since Governor Northam called the General Assembly back into Special Session, it has been apparent to me that the motivations behind this session were only to politicize the tragedy of Virginia Beach, and […]

New Mexico Walmarts Will Stop Selling Guns Due to Universal Background Check Law

Just a happy little side effect of New Mexico’s new “universal” background check law. The retailer is not equipped to conduct checks for private sales, Walmart spokeswoman Tiffany Wilson said. Employees and customers could be put in danger by people bringing in guns seeking checks for private sales, she said. “Unlike a specialty sporting goods […]