HBO Takes Elmer Fudd’s Gun Away in New Series, Gives Him a Dangerously Sharp Tool Instead

Conspicuously displaying their elevated, ever-evolving state of social consciousness, HBO has decided that Elmer Fudd’s gun is now beyond the pale. Instead, in their upcoming reboot of the Warner cartoon classic, Elmer will hunt wascawy wabbits with…a scythe. Because beheading woodland creatures with a swipe of a razor-sharp curved implement is far less violent and […]

SIG Sauer Announces it Will Close Its German Factory by Year End

SIG Sauer, long the target of disarmament campaigners in Germany, announced Thursday it intended by year’s end to close its factory at Eckernförde near Kiel, capital of Germany’s northernmost state of Schleswig-Holstein. It blamed “locational handicaps” hindering its diverse pistol and sports guns sales, claiming a “few other local producers” were preferred in government purchases […]

Correcting a New York Times Writer’s Distorted History of the Second Amendment

This reference to the 2nd Amendment is a head scratcher only if you don’t know that 2nd Amendment was in fact created to ensure Southern slaveowners the right to maintain & arm slave patrols to put down insurrections amongst the enslaved. Now he’s invoking agnst their descendants — Ida Bae Wells (@nhannahjones) June 1, […]

Black Gun Owners – Armed Civilians Protect Both the First and Second Amendments

Black militias are guarding black owned businesses with automatic rifles — Zoomer Clips (@ZoomerClips) May 28, 2020 A video of a group of armed black residents in St. Paul went viral on Thursday. The video shows armed black men standing in front of a store. The person who is recording says that the business they’re protecting […]

Hirshman: The Problem With American Democracy Is White Men With Guns

The union representing Minneapolis Police Officers has long felt that the democratically elected mayor, Jacob Frey, should not be the boss of them. Across the country, armed insurgent demonstrators have expressed similar feelings about their governors: In Michigan, a gang with assault weapons drove the state senators to abandon the capitol. Turns out, in uniform or out, white men with guns can pose […]

Louisville Police Department Apologizes for Shooting TV Crew With Pepperball Gun

Officer in Louisville seems to point a weapon directly at the cameraman — Matt Jones (@KySportsRadio) May 30, 2020 Protests and riots spread to cities throughout the country last night, Louisville, Kentucky among them. Seven people were shot there during a protest Thursday night. While the George Floyd killing prompted most protests, the shooting […]