Of Course: America is Ultimately at Fault for the New Zealand Massacre

The McPaper had no trouble digging up a few learned academics to pronounce America and its global influence as the proximate cause of yesterday’s massacre in New Zealand perpetrated by an Australian eco-fascist. Mass shootings are often called a uniquely American problem, but experts say violence here has global impact. “There’s no doubt that previous mass […]

2020 Democrat Candidates Try to Convince Rural Voters to Ignore Their Stance on Guns

Can dedicated anti-gunners like Spartacus, Fauxcahontas, Creepy Uncle Joe, Kama Sutra Harris, Crazy Bernie and Tracy Flick convince middle-of-America deplorables to vote for them? There’s no consensus on whether rural success for Democrats is about policy or personality or some combination. Some winners establish a personal brand at odds with the national party — West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin […]

NC Educrats: If Scot Peterson Couldn’t Get the Job Done at Parkland, Why Would Teachers Do Any Better?

Do we really have to break this down? The School Security Act of 2019 proposes that teachers undergo all applicable in-service training required for law enforcement officers, as well as training established by DOJ law enforcement commissions in how to respond to an active shooter situation. Even trained and seasoned law enforcement professionals tested under […]

Will Lindsey Graham Hold Senate Hearings on ‘Universal Background Checks’?

Does Senator Graham know that “universal background checks” were shown to be utterly ineffective in the gun control utopia of California? Why waste the Senate’s valuable time? Shouldn’t the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body focus its efforts on more important things like the upcoming National Proofreading Day or the fact that March is National Cheerleading Safety […]