Biden’s Latest Strategy: Run Hard on Gun Control

Because that strategy has worked so spectacularly well for Eric Swalwell (remember him?) and Robert Francis O’Rourke. The effort, details of which were shared with BuzzFeed News, is part of the Democratic presidential candidate’s $4 million advertising plan for Iowa. The ads, according to the Biden campaign, will narrowly target potential caucus-goers who might be […]

When Almost Anyone Can Seek Red Flag Confiscations, Judges Will Turn More of Them Down…Allegedly

So because almost anyone a person knows can file for a gun grab in Colorado, judges will look more carefully at these requests than they do in other states. At least, that’s the theory. The Colorado legislature’s official fiscal analysis of that state’s new “red flag” law, which took effect this week, projects that police and “family […]

This is How You Know That Virginia’s Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement Has Them Running Scared

This is how you can tell that the Virginia Second Amendment Sanctuary movement has them really rattled…the Washington Post pays enough attention to run drivel like this. First there’s the economic argument. These crazy gun nuts are going to scare away all of the entrepreneurial lefties with cash — the kind of people we REALLY […]

The Effort to Discount the Texas Church Defensive Gun Use Continues Apace

**LISTEN NOW** Jack Wilson who fatally shot the White Settlement church shooter details how it went down & why the shooter had their attention even before he walked into the church @FOX4 — Natalie Solis (@Fox4Natalie) December 30, 2019 The Texas governor, Greg Abbott, praised the church members for “swiftly ending the attack”. But […]