Trump and the Republican Party Owe ‘Beto’ O’Rourke a Debt of Gratitude

The quote of the day is presented by This bit of analysis is from Chris Cillizza. Of CNN. There’s no more stalwart supporter of Democrat conventional wisdom in the media. Up until very recently, the Democrats-want-to-get-rid-of-the-Second-Amendment talk was, like so much of Trump’s rhetoric, outlandish and without any basis in facts. Obama in 2008 and […]

The Real Danger San Francisco’s Designation of the NRA as a ‘Terrorist Orgainization’ Presents

The quote of the day is presented by As a general rule, speech isn’t “incitement” unless it’s not only directed to producing “imminent lawless action,” but also likely “to produce such action.” Terrorism is also a defined term under law. A person commits an act of terrorism if they violate the criminal law with the intention of […]

Everyone’s Happy to DO SOMETHING After a Shooting, As Long As It’s Done to Someone Else

The quote of the day is presented by If, after decades of speechmaking about hunting and tradition and rights, Republicans roll over because they happen to have someone in the White House who doesn’t actually care much about those things, it’ll be the most perfect encapsulation of the party’s ideological hollowness since George W. Bush […]

Pay No Attention to Media Spin About the Popularity of an Assault Weapons Ban and Confiscation

The quote of the day is presented by What you’re reading is mostly agitprop, advocacy and push-polls. The arguments for a ban on “assault weapons”— a purposefully elastic phrase that allows the liberal legislator’s imagination to run wild — is centered on aesthetics, on the false claim that the AR is a “weapon of war,” […]

Scenes From a Gun Confiscation

The quote of the day is presented by From the Delta Bravo Charlie blog . . . I was Number 1 on the stack, with the responsibility to ram the door immediately to clear the way for the rest of the team to enter and apprehend the suspect. To make a long story short(er), we […]

Any Mandatory ‘Buy Back’ Of Guns in the US is Doomed to Failure

The quote of the day is presented by The United States isn’t Australia. And now, as New Zealanders have revealed, they’re not Aussies, either. They’re reacting to Jacinda Ardern’s gun grab so far with widespread non-compliance. That’s very much the same reaction New Yorkers and other Americans have shown to “assault weapons” bans and mandatory […]