Should Convicted Felons Receive Victim Compensation Cash? Question of the Day

“Most vexing, advocates say, is that state laws that govern compensation programs can ultimately exclude people at the highest risk of being shot, Elizabeth Van Brocklin writes at “While black men disproportionately experience violence, they are also more likely than whites to have been convicted of a felony, which in some states can disqualify people […]

Armed Robbery. Help? Question of the Day

Another day, another armed robbery. In the video below,, a knife-wielding thief holds a big *ss blade to the neck of a Watertown, Massachusetts convenience store clerk. The clerk gives the robber the money. But notice something else . . . The customer at the counter casually walks away from the scene of the crime. […]

Do You Lend Guns to Friends? Question of the Day

“Legislation pending in the Maryland General Assembly would define a loan of a gun as a transfer,” reports. A gaggle of Democratic lawmakers believe the ability to loan a gun to someone without a government permission slip “makes it easier for the bad guys and criminals to get around the background check laws.” Be […]

Does the Firearms Industry Have a Responsibility to Limit “Gun Violence”? Question of the Day

The New York Times has decided that now’s a good time to revisit Bill Ruger’s pro-gun control position, starting like this . . . When Devin Patrick Kelley took a Ruger AR-556 semiautomatic assault rifle to the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Tex., last November, he brought 15 high-capacity magazines that each contained 30 […]

If Not for the NRA Hillary Clinton Would be President. True? Question of the Day

In the editorial below, NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA”committee Doug McDougall argues that the NRA was critical to Donald Trump’s election. True? U.S.A. –-( Let’s face the facts. Without the NRA Hillary would be President and Schumer would be the leading the Senate. The Supreme Court would be backed with young gun grabbing […]

Question of the Day: What Three Things Should ALL Americans Know About Guns?

We’re living in a nation divided against itself. On one hand we have bible-clinging, small government seeking, get-off-my-lawn, live-and-let-live conservatarians. On the other hand, bleeding heart pro-government liberals. While there are non-gun owners in the former group and gun owners in the latter, people on all sides share one firearms-related characteristic . . . ignorance. The […]

Question of the Day: Recoil. Love It Or Loathe It?

No, not the magazine or website. Actual recoil. So . . .in the SIG SAUER video below, Moriarty outfoxes Sherlock Holmes. Wait, that’s not it. Let’s try again. In the Tactical Tip video below, SIG instructor Todd Moriarty introduces viewers to the “push pull” shotgun shooting technique. Not only does the isometric exercise strengthen your core […]