Question of the Day: Got .44?

Over at Shooting Illustrated, Tamara Keel sings the praises of the venerable .44 Special. But… “It [.44 Spl.] was, in many ways, supplanted by its own offspring, since a revolver chambered for .44 Mag. could do all the aforementioned .44 Spl. chores, plus chamber magnum rounds capable of taking pretty much any game on the North […]

Question of the Day: Pistol Caliber Carbine?

Over at thefirearmblog,com, Nathaniel F takes a shot at pistol caliber carbines. He reckons they suck (paraphrasing). Nate ain’t got time for PCC owners who see ammo compatibility with their pistol as a tactical advantage. He reckons PCC’s are have a “substantial penalty in terms of range, accuracy, lethality, and power” over an modern sporting […]

Question of the Day: Appendix Carry?

If I had to guess, I reckon the youth who pulled a gun from his waistband lacked a proper holster. He certainly lacked trigger discipline. Or muzzle control. Given that big old artery in his leg, he’s lucky he didn’t bleed out. (Always have a tourniquet nearby!) Be that as it most probably is, the […]

Question of the Day: Got Stealth?

If a man needs a cloak, I give him mine. I used to view it as an opportunity to buy a new, better one. That materialist mindset is a thing of the past. This new gestalt has an interesting by-product: stealth. For example, instead of carrying my laptop and gun stuff in a tactical briefcase, I tote a supermarket cooler […]