Question of the Day: .22 for Self-Defense?

Over at, Richard Mann asserts that .22 is a viable self-defense caliber. “Why are [.22’s] often used for self-defense? Well, why do you pick your nose with your finger? It’s convenient at the time.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement. But Mr. Mann has a magazine of arguments in his pro-.22 arsenal . . . […]

Question of the Day: How ‘Real World’ is Your Gun Training?

In the video below, Tier 1 Citizen admits that “there’s nothing ‘real world’ about the training environment.” That said, the gun guru defends high-speed, low-drag instruction as “stress inoculation.” I suppose that’s true. But what’s also true . . . Is that [well-structured] force-on-force training is the best “real world” armed self-defense instruction money can […]

Question of the Day: Should North Korea Nuke Sacramento? Where IS Gun Control Ground Zero?

NRA commentator Grant Stinchfield made an alleged funny on his Twitter page (as above). Mr. Stinchfield soon removed the tweet — but not before the anti-gun rights mainstream media took him to the proverbial woodshed. Stinchfield’s joke comes after the NRA ratcheted up its rhetoric not just against proponents of gun control, but the media and a […]