Question of the Day: Stop and Frisk. Yes or No?

“The Pennsylvania Supreme Court will be deciding whether the mere open or concealed carrying of a firearm – in the absence of any criminal conduct – is sufficient to establish reasonable suspicion of criminal conduct,” attorney Joshua Prince of Civil Rights Defense Firm reports, referring to the case of Commonwealth v. Hicks. “Simply put, the […]

Question of the Day: Could You Shoot an Elephant?

“When I look at an elephant, I feel one thing: awe,” Liz Bennett writes in an email soliciting funds for the Wildlife Conservation Society. “Awe at their massive size, beauty, and intelligence. It hurts to imagine a world without them. And I’m guessing you feel the same way, Robert.” The Vice President of Species Conservation is not wrong . . […]

Question of the Day: What Gun for Santa?

In the video below, a faux Santa gets his ballistic ya-yas out. But armed self-defense is a serious business for the real St. Nick — given that he must deliver presents everywhere, including some sketchy neighborhoods. Not the mention the fact that many armed home-, apartment- or hovel-owners could mistake the Presentator for a home […]

Question of the Day: Why Do Gun Owners Fear The Government?

According to a recent CBS poll, just under half of American gun owners list “protection from crime” as the main reason they’re tooled-up. Just five percent of respondents chose “protection from government.” So much for the antis’ contention that American gun owners are paranoid proto-insurrectionists. The CBS poll asks these “five percenters” why they’re Uncle Sam-averse […]