Charlottesville Police Chief Facing Blowback After ‘Assault Weapons’ Committee Testimony

Charlottesville, Virginia police chief RaShall Brackney testified before the House Judiciary Committee’s recent hearings on “assault weapons.” She told the committee that, in her considered opinion, every gun should be banned that can be used to “hunt individuals.” Yes, we know what that means. So did a Republican member of the committee who then pointed […]

‘Bazooka’ Joe Biden Blows it Again

By Larry Keane Move over Shotgun Joe. That was so 2013. Welcome 2019’s Bazooka Joe, who said instead of buying an AR-15, you’re better off buying actual weapons of war. The former vice president made the comments at a town hall in Las Vegas, just days before the anniversary of the tragic murders there. Biden […]

SAF: Anonymous Whistleblower Claim Against Trump Is Like a Red Flag Order Against a Gun Owner

The current impeachment inquiry against President Trump is based on an anonymous whistleblower complaint lodged by an intelligence officer. That complaint and the Democrats’ impeachment push that resulted may have doomed any chance they had of getting a background check or red flag bill passed. The Second Amendment Foundation looks at the anonymous complaint and […]

Congressional Democrats’ ‘Assault Weapons’ Show Trial Fails, But Offers Some Lessons

Gun control advocates intended for Wednesday’s U.S. House Judiciary Committee hearing entitled “Protecting America from Assault Weapons” as a show trial exposing America’s favorite rifle and those own it. The effort failed like a wet firecracker. The bitterly anti-gun committee chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York led the event intended to capture headlines nationwide. […]