On the Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, More Americans are Declaring ‘We Will Not Comply’

By Jeff Hulbert Alongside the swirl of headlines about the Second Amendment sanctuary movement in Virginia, there are the echoes of other courageous American patriots who have battled lawless tyrants in their time. The wailing, gun-confiscating leftists of 2019 need to know this: declarations of “We will not comply!” in America are as old as […]

House-Senate Budget Deal Funds $25 Million in ‘Gun Violence’ Research For First Time in Decades

We’ve all heard this load of pure, pungent Oscar Mayer processed meat product for decades. Federal law (in the form of the Dickey Amendment) prevents research into “gun violence!” The Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex loves to claim that we can’t possibly do anything about the (non-existent) gun violence epidemic in this country if we can’t […]

Massachusetts Bill Would Force Doctors to Ask About Guns and Counsel Patients Who Own Them

Massachusetts state Representative Jon Santiago has filed a bill to require doctors to screen all patients for firearms in their homes and to counsel them on safety. It’s Bill H.2005: An Act to prevent gun violence: Section 237. The director shall establish a program for firearm screening and counseling. Such program shall systematically screen all […]

Countering The Bloomberg Manifesto

By Dennis Petrocelli, MD Michael Bloomberg’s gun control plan should actually be read by gun owners as a clarion call to get busy supporting our rights. The would-be Democrat presidential nominee has our Second Amendment in his crosshairs and is willing to spend vast (to us, not him) sums of money to strip us of […]

Virginia’s Democrats: Send In The National Guard to Enforce New Gun Laws

Sanctuary resolutions, which originally began in Illinois in early 2018, have swept the nation.  However, no state has outdone Virginia in quickly passing these “don’t tread on me” resolutions.  And now, Virginia Democrats have decided to push back, threatening those sanctuary jurisdictions and law enforcement agencies who refuse to enforce their new gun control laws. […]

President Bloomberg’s Gun Control Plan Would Include Federal Permitting, Banning ‘Assault Weapons,’ a 48-Hour Wait Period and Much More

If there’s one thing Michael Bloomberg feels comfortable with — besides building a multi-billion dollar market information and media congomerate — it’s pushing gun control. So when he made a campaign appearance yesterday (in Aurora, Colorado…subtle, no?) to roll out his plan for national limits on gun rights, he hit a lot of the same […]