GUNS! Democrat Debate Talk Turns to Guns

At tonight’s debate among (some of) those seeking the Democrat nomination for the race for President in 2020, the topic of gun control came up. NBC’s Chuck Todd brought the topic up, but technical issues forced them to take a commercial break. When they returned, Todd asked Elizabeth Warren what to do about guns. Warren […]

Facebook Kills Popular ‘Illinois Gun Owners Together’ Group

Zuck strikes again. On Sunday, Facebook deleted the very popular “Illinois Gun Owners Together – IGOT” private Facebook group. And with the appeal is stretching into the fourth day, it looks like IGOT won’t be back. We have watched as Facebook has shadow-banned conservative content in earnest following President Trump’s election. Now, Zuckerberg’s minions have […]

Bad News For Gun Control True Believers: Barely 1% of Americans See Guns as Most Important Problem Facing America

Gallup released a story last week noting that 23% of Americans viewed illegal immigration as the nation’s biggest problem. Meanwhile, barely 1% of Americans mentioned “gun violence” or gun control as among our biggest national problems. Here’s Gallup’s news release going into the weekend, released on Friday where it got minimal publicity. New High in […]

Maine Legislature Adjourns, Anti-Gun Legislation Defeated

By NRA-ILA On June 20th, the Maine Legislature adjourned from the first session of the 129th Legislature. During this session, several egregious pieces of anti-gun legislation were defeated, including bills to criminalize private transfers of firearms and ban many commonly-owned standard capacity magazines. Thwarting efforts to threaten shooting ranges, the Legislature instead took steps to […]