Seattle Cop Facing Termination After Posting Video in Support of Constitutional Rights [VIDEO]

‘We don’t get to violate people’s constitutional rights because somebody in our chain of command tells us otherwise. It’s not now this country works.’  Port of Seattle police officer Greg Anderson posted the following video to Instagram last week. His message in support of individual rights was obviously prompted by coronavirus restrictions on travel, association […]

Pro-Gun Florida Democrat Senate Candidate Feels Abandoned by His Party

[H. Alexander] Duncan, whose political positions include staunch support of the Second Amendment and what he says are conservative fiscal beliefs, believes the [Democrat] party has turned its back on him, even though he previously won a county-wide election (in 2012 to the County Water and Soil Conservation District Board) and performed well against high-profile […]

Canada Prime Minister Trudeau’s ‘Assault-Style’ Gun Ban Outlaws Many Shotguns, Bolt Action Rifles

By Larry Keane Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is either devilishly stupid, or devilishly underhanded. With Canada’s Boy Wonder, sometimes the differences are difficult to discern. The Canadian head-of-state’s unilateral gun grab that bans 1,500 makes and models of modern sporting rifles under the guise of an “assault-style” firearm classification, swept up multiple other firearms. Some are certainly “military-grade” […]

Murder City, USA: Impotent Chicago Mayor Retreats When Kid Tells Her to ‘Go Home’ [VIDEO]

While Illinois citizens remain subject to a state-wide lockdown, someone forgot to tell the bad guys. Consistent with past practice, with warmer weather, the Chicago’s violence increased over the weekend. The bad guys racked up five murders and 44 others maimed in Murder City, USA. Meanwhile, tough-talking Mayor Lori Lightfoot turned tail and ran when […]