Force Science Institute Study on Police “Unintentional Discharges”

Republished from a email blast: When are you [referring to a police officer] most likely to experience the shock and potentially deadly consequences of an unintentional discharge: a) While clearing an area in response to a call? b) While performing routine firearms tasks, including cleaning your weapon? c) While already engaged with a suspect in […]

Belgian Jihadi Attack on Police Women: Pistol Beats Machete

A jihadi with a machete attacked two policewomen at the checkpoint outside of Belgian police headquarters in the city of Charleroi. One woman was seriously injured, another suffered minor wounds, and the third shot the machete wielding attacker before he could inflict more damage. One bystander reported five or six shots, followed by a pause, […]

British Police Don’t Carry Guns: Another Myth Exploded

If you believe American anti-gun agitprop, U.K. gun control laws are so effective the police don’t need to carry guns! Anyone who’s seen MP5-toting cops cruising Heathrow, The City or Buckingham Palace (to name a few) knows the reality doesn’t square with the mythology. Not to mention full-on SWAT teams on permanent standby. Or the existence of […]

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh: The BPD Doesn’t Need to Carry Long Guns

“Boston Mayor Marty Walsh says he disagrees with city police unions that officers need long guns,” reports, “and he was taken aback by the unions’ demands for new equipment.” Wait. What? I thought one of the main reasons Massachusetts instituted an “assault weapons” ban — and widened it via the Attorney General’s lightning-like fiat — […]

Fatigue Study Finds Cops Less Likely To Shoot Black Suspects

Republished from The most explosive crisis law enforcement faces today is the allegation that rampant racial bias drives officers’ shooting decisions. Yet a new study concludes that officers tend not to be biased against black suspects in resorting to deadly force, even when fatigued and thus potentially more vulnerable to making angry, irrational, and impulsive decisions. Indeed, […]