Peoria ShotSpotter Cops Find Concerned Citizen Armed With an AK-47…So?

“Police and a neighbor with an AK-47 rifle responded to gunshots in the 1200 block of Brotherson Street around midnight Saturday,” Peoria Illinois’ reports. Yup, you heard right: both police and a concerned citizen armed with a rifle responded to gunfire. “Witnesses told police, who were responding to a Shotspotter alert, they saw a man […]

IMI Systems Quote of the Day: Sacramento Cops Shoot Man Recording Them With Phone

“I think it’s reasonable to think that the officers perceived an immediate threat either to themselves or continued threat to that individual.” – Sgt. Jason Ramos of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s department quoted in Police Shoot Man For Recording Them With Phone, They Feared For Their Lives [via] Click here for information on IMI-Israeli Ammo

Racial Disparity in Justifiable Homicides Stats ≠ Institutional Racism

A report by the supposed “non-partisan” The Marshal project reveals that whites commit more justifiable homicides against black attackers than blacks commit against white attackers. The report implies that this is because of institutionalized racism. Closer examination puts paid to this “theory” . . . Note: the report is obsessed with racial disparities. From In almost […]

The One Thing the Media Missed About Charlottesville Armed Militia (Incredibly Enough)

I am amazed (but not amused) by the hand-wringing and name-calling “inspired” by the armed militia defending the racists/Nazis demonstrating in Charlottesville. Headlines like Should Protesters Be Allowed to Have Guns? demonstrate the media’s failure to recognize that keeping and bearing arms is a natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right. Equally, these journalists don’t seem to know what […]

Politifact Wimps Out on Claim ‘Charlottesville Militia Groups Better Equipped Than Virginia State Police’ Claim

“PolitiFact is America’s Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking website and the home of the Truth-O-Meter,” their Facebook page proclaims. And just like the rest of the left-leaning mainstream media, Politifact went nuts over the ultimately fatal Charlottesville “rally.” Not surprisingly, PF tackled Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s patently false assertion that the armed militia in attendance were “better equipped” […]

San Antonio Pulls the Plug on ShotSpotter Gunfire Detection System, Hartford, CT Next?

“A program intended to help police officers identify where a shooting happens, get there quicker and ultimately cut down on crime has been stripped from the proposed city budget because city leaders said it’s not effective, San Antonio, Texas’ reports. “It cost the city $270,000 to put ShotSpotters on the city’s crime-ridden east and west […]