Boston Police Department: Which of These Guns Are Real?

I find it odd that people get their proverbial knickers in a twist when cops shoot perps brandishing a “fake” gun. If a reasonable person would consider the replica/toy a real gun (e.g., it’s not a NERF gun), what’s the issue? Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Anyway, the Boston Police Department wants taxpayers to […]

Axon Citizen: “A New Public Evidence Submission Portal For U.S. Law Enforcement”

After the Las Vegas concert shooting, the Clarke County Sheriff’s office asked the general public to share any and all video footage of the incident. Such evidence has become increasingly crucial to police investigations. But law enforcement agencies don’t have an efficient way to receive, store and sort through the material. Enter the cloud-based Axon […]

Albuquerque Deputy Points Gun at Motorcyclist. Sheriff: “It’s Complicated” [VIDEO]

In the video below, an unidentified Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy points his gun at a motorcyclist pulling a wheelie next to the cruiser. Residents who saw the now-viral video were not well pleased with their local constabulary’s reaction to the ballsy biker boy. Responding to their concerns, Sheriff Manuel Gonzales III cautioned the public not […]

One in Three UK Police Officers Wants All Cops Armed

“Support for a fully armed police service has grown among the rank and file as [UK] forces confront an unprecedented terrorist threat” reports, popping a pic of a rifle-wielding cop with an ancient cell phone at the top of the post. Nothing to do with the alarming rise in the number of your garden […]

Georgia Tech Student With Knife Shot, Killed by Campus Police [VIDEO]

The video below shows 21-year-old Scout Schultz slowly, repeatedly advancing on two Georgia Tech campus police officers, reportedly while holding a knife. If you listen closely, Schultz can be heard telling the officers, “Shoot me.” After repeated warnings, one officer shot Schultz center mass, killing him. Schultz’s parents are questioning why the responding officers didn’t […]

Michael Bennet Bust: Forget Racism, What About Polite Police?

“An American football star has accused police in Las Vegas of racially profiling him after a video emerged of him being pinned to the ground and handcuffed,” reports (video below.) “Michael Bennett, a Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman who has won the Super Bowl, said he was arrested after fleeing a nightclub with several hundred other members of […]