Brownells CCW Sash: Must Have Tacticool Accessory?

  The Brownells company has faithfully served gun owners for decades. Furthermore, the People of the Gun appreciate companies that don’t bend to the whims of social justice warriors. And Brownells has lots of good products as well as a few oddball offerings to accommodate virtually any gun owner, including the “CCW Sash”. At first I […]

Memphis Home Owner Uses AK-47 to Defend Against Two Attackers

Modern sporting rifles are effective home defense tools. They’re easy to use, have sufficient power and the capacity to handle multiple assailants with standard capacity, commonly available magazines. Case in point: this story from Memphis, Tennessee in which a homeowner got into a gunfight with two armed burglars. From “I see my house being […]

Denver UBER Drive Shoots, Kills Passenger

Ride sharing service UBER has officially designated their vehicles as gun-free zones. Neither drivers nor passenger may carry under penalty of being banned from the service. But that doesn’t mean it’s not done. Driver who pick up fares, sometimes in the early morning hours naturally want the ability to protect themselves. And while UBER does […]