Gun Review: Tisas Zigana PX-9 9mm Pistol

Turkish firearms have long been popular, lower cost options for lots of gun buyers. Among the leaders in the Turkish gun making industry is Tisas. The company was founded in 1993 and they’ve have earned a good reputation for affordable and businesslike firearms based on proven designs. There are a lot of CZ-75 and 1911 […]

Gun Review: Beretta 3032 Tomcat Inox .32 ACP Pistol

In a sea of plastic mouse guns, the decidedly old school Beretta Tomcat stands out with its Inox (AKA “stainless steel”) slide and forged aluminum frame. While this makes it a little thicker and heavier than a modern injection molded pocket pistol, it pays dividends elsewhere. In fact, the 3032 Tomcat has a few unique […]

California Active Shooter Situation: ‘We Just Ran’

There was a shooting at a gas station in Nipomo, California yesterday that ended with law enforcement officer killing the shooter. Sounds simple, right? In some ways it was, but there’s something else to take away from the report by the mainstream media. According to KSBY news it went down something like this: A suspected […]

Is Old Ammunition Safe to Shoot?

As a longtime firearms instructor and head of a gun rights group, people ask me all sorts of questions. All questions have merit, especially for people who are new to guns. Among these questions, folks will ask about the safety of shooting old ammunition. I tell them that in general, old factory-loaded ammunition should be […]

Large Capacity Self-Defense: Alabama Man Shoots One of Four Home Invaders

California Governor Gavin Newsom — who wasn’t pleased by the Ninth Circuit’s recent decision — has called so-called large capacity magazines “weapons of war.” Both doddering Joe Biden and his prospective President-in-waiting have expressed their eager willingness to outlaw magazines that hold more than the magical number of ten rounds, and do it on a […]

I Have Found the Best Self-Defense Handgun Round!

By Eric J. So, which carry handgun caliber is the “best”? After exhaustive research of the comment sections of various blogs and online forums, I have determined which cartridge is the best for defensive carry. Behold, the classic argument has now been settled for all time. The .380 ACP is admittedly weak but it’s totally […]

More Americans are Realizing Government and Police Can’t – Or Won’t – Protect You

By Roger Katz As a NYPD veteran police officer, and adjunct professor/lecturer of police science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, National Rifle Association certified firearms instructor (pistol, rifle, and shotgun), and training counselor, and active member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, and lifetime resident of New York City, I […]

81% of Black Americans Want the Same or More Police Presence in Their Neighborhoods

America’s gun control laws are rooted in racism and disproportionately affect lower income people. These hurdles and restrictions make keeping and bearing arms more expensive and difficult for the people most often affected by crime. Those two facts probably play a large part in Gallup finding that, despite cities defunding and cutting back police services nationwide, […]