Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller

Albuquerque Declares All Parks ‘Education Facilities’ to Ban the Lawful Carry of Firearms

Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller has banned firearms from city parks in the wake of the shooting during the vandalism of a statue earlier this week. You might be scratching your head over that, since...
open carry protest capital

McFarlin: We Can’t Allow Open Carry to Intimidate Or Suppress the Right to Protest

In obtaining my concealed carry license, I underwent training before being granted the privilege. It wasn’t nearly as comprehensive as my military weapons training, but it was something. Meanwhile, open carry is permitted by...

Open Carry is a Bad Idea

Open Carry (OC) is a hot topic on TTAG. No surprise; a lot of gun rights proponents heart OC. At first blush, it seems a promising way to extend and defend Second Amendment rights. In many...
Subway open carry guns

Shannon Watts Claims Another Non-Victory Over Guns Carried in Public With Subway Open Carry...

Michael Bloomberg's star employee, Shannon Watts, has remarkably low standards when it comes to "progress" in her mission to disarm law-abiding citizens. America's anti-gun Karen crowed like a rooster when she mau-maue'd Starbucks into...

Texas H-E-B Bans Open Carry, Concealed Carry Still OK

With the coming legalization of licensed open carry in Texas companies are re-examining their firearms policies. They're determining if permitting open carry is right for them. Concealed carry follows the "out of sight out...
Bailey Nielsen AR-15 Idaho

11-Year-Old Girl Brings Her AR-15 to Idaho Statehouse for a Hearing, Internet Melts Down

The great 2020 Virginia Gun Rights Rally last month has shown that pushing back twice as hard against gun control gets results. America's gun owners turned out in Virginia and they brought their guns...
kyle rittenhouse rifle kenosha

Vox: Police Support Armed Citizens As Long As They’re Not Black or Brown

A recent paper by University of Arizona sociologist Jennifer Carlson offers some insight into the police’s behavior. She conducted dozens of hours of interviews about guns with 79 police chiefs in three states — Michigan,...
Open carry gun rights protest

No, the Presence of Openly Carried Firearms Does Not Inhibit Free Speech During Protests

One of the latest angles gun control groups have taken against the right to keep and bear arms is the argument that the presence of openly carried firearms "chills" or somehow inhibits free speech...
Election 2020 Early Voting New York

Michigan Judge Strikes Down Polling Place Open Carry Gun Ban

It hasn't been a good couple of weeks in the courts for Michigan's governing class. On October 12, the Michigan Supreme Court struck down Governor Gretchen Whitmer's executive orders restricting most aspects of everyday...

Southern Poverty Law Center: ‘Amend’ Open Carry Laws

Press release by Richard Cohen, President Southern Poverty Law Center We’ve all seen the pictures from Charlottesville. Peaceful protesters being met with men carrying military-style weapons. Many of those unarmed were probably intimidated. I certainly think...
VCDL Virginia

VCDL: Please Don’t Bring Long Guns To Jan. 20 Lobby Day

With radical Virginia Democrats pledging all manner of gun control following November's election, the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) has planned a lobby day for January 20, 2020 in Richmond. In their press release,...

Oklahoma Black Gun Owners Plan Pro Gun Rights March for Saturday in Oklahoma City

Donald Trump's scheduled rally in Tulsa on Saturday remains the hottest ticket in Oklahoma this weekend. And now, there's an open carry walk in OKC to coincide with the Trump rally. The goal of...