National Shooting Sports Foundation: Raising Age Requirement for Rifle Purchases is Ineffective and Unconstitutional

The National Shooting Sports Foundation Senior Vice President Larry Keane writes: The tragedy of Parkland, Florida, has everyone searching for answers. Rightfully so. Some proposals have merit and are worth consideration. Others are non-starters, beginning with any proposal that would arbitrarily strip law-abiding young American adults from their ability to exercise their rights. I’m referring to proposals that […]

Gun Rights Get Increased Public Support, New Survey Shows

By Larry Keane Lost in the storm of hurricane coverage, a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll demonstrates Americans’ growing support for gun rights. The August survey of 1200 adults nationwide covers a range of current issues, including gun control. Guns as a Voting Issue When asked about the relative importance of issues when it […]

Washington State NICS Denial Bill Heads to Governor

From the NSSF Government Relations desk, we learn of a bill in Washington State that has passed the Senate (unanimously) and the House and is on the way to Governor Jay Inslee for signature. The TL:DR version: Washington FFLs must notify the State Patrol of any NICS denials. Is this “common sense gun control?” What […]

NSSF Partners With American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in New Suicide Education Program

Nation’s Largest Suicide Prevention Organization and the Firearms Industry Trade Association Join Forces, Launch New Education Program to Potentially Save Thousands of Lives This Unprecedented Program Supports the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Project 2025 Goal to Reduce the Annual Suicide Rate 20 Percent by 2025 LAS VEGAS — Of all firearms-related deaths in the U.S. […]