CZ and Dan Wesson at NRA Annual Meetings

Not gonna lie, I popped into the CZ-USA and Dan Wesson booth just to pick up a DW “Repeal The NFA” hat, as I hadn’t heard of any new stuff from these guys for the NRA show. Turns out, there were some goodies there after all . . . A new version of the Scorpion pistol […]

Gear Head Works Celebrates ATF Opinion Letter “Reversal”

Though the ATF’s clarification letter stating that it’s acceptable to shoulder an unmodified arm brace was sent to the law firm of SB Tactical, originators of the Pistol Stabilizing Brace, manufacturers of competing products are declaring it a win for them, too. The argument is that the letter speaks in generalities, rather than referencing a specific […]

New From Remington: Model 870 Tac-14

Quite the coincidence that Mossberg would release its 590 Shockwave at the same time that Remington dropped its Model 870 Tac-14, but, like Apple and Samsung, anything else would be uncivilized. The Tac-14 is a non-NFA “firearm” based on the Remington 870. MSRP starts at $443.05 . . . At the NRA show it was […]

Hats Off to Dan Wesson & CZ-USA

Dan Wesson (owned by CZ-USA) doesn’t even make NFA items, but at the 2017 NRA Annual Meetings they were actively campaigning for our 2A rights by giving out thousands of the above hat for free. Over on Instagram, #RepealTheNFA, #ShallNotBeInfringed, #RKBA, #Pro2A, and even #MolonLabe have become de rigueur hashtags on both the Dan Wesson […]

New Optics From Trijicon at NRA Annual Meetings

Trijicon is in Atlanta at the NRAAM in force, with lots of new wares on display. MRO Patrol, thermal optics, and a 1-8x AccuPower riflescope. Photos and details follow . . . MRO Patrol is seen above. The 2 MOA dot was bright and extremely crisp. Field of view seemed very good. IR-HUNTER Thermal Riflescope. […]

New From Winchester: Expedition Big Game Long Range

Running Nosler Accubond LR projectiles with high ballistic coefficients (0.719 in 6.5 Creedmoor, 0.640 in .30 cal), Winchester’s new Expedition Big Game Long Range line is specifically designed for hunting at, well, longer ranges. And anything in-between. Press release follows . . . Expedition Big Game Long Range: Tough Game. Tougher Bullet. Continuing with the […]

ATF to Bill Nye: Drop Dead

Let’s be honest: anything that promotes a visceral reaction — sex, cars…guns — can grab attention, which is why images and iconography of them are so often used in marketing. And which is why we see such things showing up in advertisements next to otherwise mundane things such as soft drinks and arthritis medications. So […]

Random Thoughts About NRA and Diversity

The NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits is OFWG central. Ethnic and chronological diversity is obvious by its absence. Is that a problem? Not for the brace of African thirty-something American NRA members I interviewed for this article. “We’ve got no problems here,” one of them assured me. Yes but . . . could the NRA do more to […]