New(ish) from CMMG: Ambidextrous Upper Receiver

CMMG released this product at SHOT (yet somehow forgot to mention it to me when I stopped by their booth), but they’re here and showing off some of their production models at NRA this year. Their aluminium upper receivers are produced with two open rectangular areas on either side, into which screws either a flat […]

Booth Babe: Eva Shockey

As we continue to elbow Nick out of the booth babe blogging business – keeping him securely in his comfort zone of rifles and other dangerous things – the job of talent scouting has fallen to the rest of the TTAG contingent here at NRA. We submit for your approval TV huntress Eva Schockey who’s […]

Mirro Mirror On the Wall (Safe)

Keith Goble of Jotto Desk is on the floor showing off his company’s wall safe.  Designed to allow quick access to a firearm, a latch release allows the mirror to slide away revealing a 16″ wide plastic tub, tall enough to hold a shotgun and a biometric reader (along with a pistol rack still being […]

WTF-NRA Unprepared for New Media?

OK – just a small beef – the internet in the press room is terrible. Slow, I get bumped off, and did I mention it is slow? By being here, the new media press can extend the reach of the convention to millions (Bruce and I just had to douse Robert out of his ecstatic coma […]

Ton is in Da House

  One of my favorite reality TV shows is “Auction Hunters”.  At the NRA convention, Clinton “Ton” Jones was ambling his way across my path, his distinctive tattoos the thing that prompted my recognition.

Hands-On with the S&W Shield

As expected, the S&W Shield is here at the NRA Annual Meeting, and it’s basically a small version of their existing M&P line. All of the controls and the styling feels familiar, mainly because they’ve been copy-and-pasted from their other M&P pistols. But the most surprising thing is that the gun actually feels comfortable in […]

TTAG NRA Convention is Go

I’m sitting here in the press room, watching the Gun Blast guy scarf a muffin as the creme de la creme of the firearms media gathers for the National Rifle Association’s annual gathering of the OWFGs. (Make the jump for Mr. Cooper’s T-shirt clearing technique.) Dan’s ligging an NRA breakfast, Nick’s hunting bedbugs with his […]

Heizer Introduces Winter Combat DoubleTap Model

OK, so they’re not really calling this the Winter Combat model. Heizer’s actually calling the albino version of their soon-to-be-released (fingers crossed!) double-barreled pocket gun the Hedy Jane. They’ve obviously decided that pink guns aren’t the only way to reach the female gun buyer. Like the other DoubleTaps, the HJ will be offered in your […]