Blade Runner 2049 Blasters Tested!

I’m totally stoked to see Blade Runner 2049. One problem: my eldest daughter’s in town. My UK-based operatic sprog’s promised her boyfriend she’d wait to see the movie with him. I told her to watch BR 2049 with me and then feign ignorance with her Norse-named Significant Other. This post pretty much torpedoes that idea. […]

#ConcertAcrossAmerica Gun Control Concert. Yes, Again

Make the jump to watch the California Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence’s karaoke entry in the antis’ #ConcertAcrossAmerica. An event that came and went last year without anyone on the TTAG staff (or the ever-vigilant being even vaguely aware of its existence. This year, the actual concert is on the 24th. Aiming for a […]

Quote of the Day: YouTube Censoring Firearms-Related Videogame Content, Too

“The platform should be focusing on monetizing quality better, but the exact opposite is the case. It’s now focused on monetizing generic, bland, white-washed garbage. The platform is actively steering you away from talking about or showing anything remotely interesting if that interesting subject could potentially be controversial.” – YouTuber SkillUp in YouTube Is Making It Almost Impossible […]

Movie Review: Atomic Blonde

I expected “Atomic Blonde” to be an atomic bomb, a thermonuclear dud featuring a tall, skinny, bisexual James Bond played by a tall, skinny, gun-hating South African. What I got was . . . . A Plot And a well-worn plot at that. Atomic Blonde takes place during the weeks before and after the fall […]

Is Noah Wyle’s Movie ‘Shot’ Anti-Gun?

“One bullet. Three lives. Everyone pays.” The question is: who’s paying for this turkey? Too soon? All I know about Shot is what I can glean from the trailer below — which reveals that the lead character’s a sound editor punching-up gunfire in a Western (ironic, amiright?). Then there’s what I can discern from the official […]

VH-1 ‘Daytime Divas’ Tackle Gun Rights

We’ve officially reached “peak content,” people. So you’re forgiven for not knowing that Daytime Divas is a fictionalized version of The View that airs (for real) on a network that used to run wall-to-wall middle-of-the-road music videos. And just for fun, “real” celebrities guest star on the fake talk show, including the real hosts of The View. Speaking […]