MWAG Lockdown at my Daughter’s Grade School. I Was Inside. Unarmed. And Angry.

I was picking up my daughter from her elementary school on a day like any other. We decided, as we often do, to hang...

Gunman Opens Fire on Federal Courthouse in Dallas

Earlier today in downtown Dallas, Texas, a 22-year-old man in a balaclava and "combat gear" opened fire at the outside of a federal courthouse....

Lucky Gunner Is Likely To Dodge This Legal Bullet, Too

As TTAG reported on Saturday, Mini Mike Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety has filed a lawsuit against Lucky Gunner on behalf of a victim of...
hazmat isolation suit

Fun With Data: More ‘Research’ Blames Mass Shootings On Those Who Didn’t Do It

It's time to play "spot the lousy gun research" again! There's yet a new "study" out that purports to link high rates of firearm...

llegal Arms Dealer Who Sold Rifle to Odessa, Texas Mass Shooter Pleads Guilty

The 2019 mass shooting in Odessa, Texas was -- as usual -- used by the victim disarmament bloc to demand universal background checks, among...

Newsweek: Mass Shootings Up 35 Percent in 2020

Just this morning, Newsweek published an article covering the Gun Violence Archives' latest claim that mass shootings are up 35 percent in 2020 compared...
Wauwatosa mayfair mall shooting

BREAKING: ‘Deranged’ 15-Year-Old Suspect Arrested in Wisconsin Mall Shooting

Law enforcement in Wisconsin announced that they've arrested a 15-year-old suspect related to the Wauwatosa area Mayfair Mall shooting that took place on Friday.

Movie Review: Run Hide Fight

30   Distributed exclusively by The Daily Wire and available only to Daily Wire subscribers (of which you should be one), Run Hide Fight is the company's...
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Welcome to Guntopia Where Firearms Will Decide If and When You Can Use Them

I ran across a new "smart gun" proposal, AI Can Stop Mass Shootings, and More. Yes, these people -- three superior intellects who toil...

Good Guy With A Gun Stops Would-Have-Been Mass Shooting In Its Tracks

Fort Smith, Arkansas (May 15, 2021) -- a disturbed 26-year-old man with a semi-automatic rifle went on a brief rampage at an apartment complex....