Adams Arms Full-Auto AR-15 on Fire! – VIDEO

In the video below, Iraqveteran8888 fires a fully-automatic Adam Arms AR-15 until the rifle’s handguard catches fire and melts. Why? To see how an entry-level piston system compares to an entry-level direct gas-impingement system. Or maybe it had something to do with pretending to be Batman baddie Bane. Who knows? I’m just wondering if YouTube […]

Kalashnikov ‘Smart Turret’ Brings Skynet One Step Closer

In the video below, Kalashnikov demonstrates a gun turret that uses a “machine learning algorithm” to identify potential targets. “Then, understanding it is a potential target, the neural network can make a decision on how to act,” Deputy General Director for Marketing and Sales Vladimir Dmitriev asserted at the ARMY-2017 International Military-Technical Forum at Patriot Park, Moscow. […]

Firearms Concierge: Machine Gun Madness

I was out to lunch [sic] recently when I got a call. Not wanting to deal, I sent it to voicemail and listened to the message. The caller was someone I’d met at the gun club years ago, someone who used me for some transfer and sales transactions over the years. Before I give you […]

Is This the SAW Killer? FightLite Pairs Polymer Ammo with Lightweight Automatic Rifle

When it comes to military gear, lighter is generally better. Mobility is the name of the game. FightLite gets it. They’re pairing their lightweight automatic rifle with polymer cased ammunition to further relieve the physical burden on our men and women fighting on the front lines. FightLite’s belt-fed firearm was designed in 2002, marketed as […]

IDF Push to Stop Illegal Gun Manufacture on West Bank

In many places around the world where firearms are very difficult to obtain legally, small shops manufacture simple submachine guns for the black market. They are common in Brazil, Israel, the Philippines, and increasingly in Australia,  Canada, and even here in the United States, where submachine guns are highly regulated. In Israel, the Israeli Defense Forces have […]