ATF Admits It Lacked Regulatory Authority to Ban Bump Stocks

You know that bump stock ban that the Trump administration imposed upon Americans? As I’ve written before, I suspect the President knew the regulatory reclassification of these obscure accessories lacked enforceability in court. And now, sure enough, the ATF has admitted in court filings that it lacked the authority to ban bump stocks in the […]

States, Politicians Join NRA in Backing Remington in Sandy Hook Lawsuit Supreme Court Appeal

In March, the Connecticut Supreme Court overturned a lower court ruling throwing out a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Sandy Hook parents and one survivor against Remington Arms. Remington made the Bushmaster rifle used in the massacre. A lower court dismissed the suit against the Remington because of the provisions of the Protection of Lawful Commerce […]

Couple Who Survived El Paso Shooting Sues Walmart Over Inadequate Security

Well this is awkward. Earlier this week, Walmart caved to the braying anti-gun chorus and announced that they’re ending the sales of handgun ammunition (and apparently .223/5.56 as well) in their stores. They also asked their customers to refrain from carrying sidearms openly. That will undoubtedly mean fewer armed people in Walmart stores. Law abiding […]

SAF Applauds Senate Republicans for Condemning Democrats’ Supreme Court Threat

BELLEVUE, WA — The Second Amendment Foundation today applauds all 53 Senate Republicans, led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, for defending the U.S. Supreme Court from bullying by five Democrats who openly threatened the high court with political retribution if it does not dismiss an important Second Amendment challenge to a New York City gun […]

Firearms Policy Foundation et al. Submit Cert. Petition with Supreme Court in Bump Stock Ban Case

You can read the motion for cert here. The appendix is here. (both docs PDF) U.S. Supreme Court Asked to Reign in Federal “Administrative State” and Clarify or Overturn Chevron Precedent WASHINGTON, D.C. (August 29, 2019) — Today, attorneys for Firearms Policy Foundation, Madison Society Foundation, Florida Carry, and individuals Damien Guedes, Missouri State Rep. […]

Anti-Gun Democrat Senators Declare War on the Supreme Court

By Austin Sarat Legal briefs, in even the most high profile cases, rarely make headlines. They are technical documents intended to persuade judges in a case about particular points of law. In American law schools, students now take courses to help them master the arcane genre of brief writing. Their persuasiveness depends on carefully marshaling legal precedents and complex, […]