Florida Wants to Hire 50 Python Hunters…Are You Game?

The Sunshine State is looking for a few good python hunters. By Craig Raleigh The South Florida Water Management District needs more python hunters, and they need them now. Program director Mike Kirkland told the Fort Myers News-Press, “We’re going to be asking for 50 paid hunters. It’s been a tremendous success, the most successful program […]

Ted Nugent, Opposing Michigan Deer Bating Ban, Tells Legislators it Will Hurt the Hunting Industry

Arguably the most famously outspoken hunter from the world of music, Ted Nugent is chiming in on Michigan’s deer baiting ban. By Eric Pickhartz Avid hunter and Michigan-born musician Ted Nugent has told Michigan lawmakers that the state’s deer baiting ban will be detrimental to the state’s hunting heritage and business. He spoke in favor of […]

A Hunt That’s More Than Just a Hunt

By Mark Oliva There’s that moment in the woods that comes right after the shot. It’s when the rifle’s crack is done echoing. It’s when anticipation, exhilaration and disappointment all hold their breath. The hunt is about to be over, but for a few precious seconds, it still lingers. That was my moment in Maine’s […]

Savage Introduces New 110 Classic Walnut Rifle with Modern Ergonomics and Adjustability

Westfield, Massachusetts–based Savage Arms has introduced and shipped to dealers its new 110 Classic, a rifle that offers a walnut stock with user adjustability. The new bolt-action rifle is available in eight popular hunting calibers. The new 110 Classic stock has fully adjustable length-of-pull and comb height for proper head position and comfort. A push-button […]

Fall Hunting Prep: Advice From Professional Guide Tyrell Grey

With hunting season almost upon us, sportsmen will soon be hitting the woodline in pursuit of a trophy harvest or simply looking to fill the freezer. Whether you’re a lifetime dedicated hunter or a casual sportsman, hunting season has the ability to create memories and traditions that bring generations together. But without the proper consideration, […]

Hunting with CZ-USA Suppressors and Firearms

Unbeknownst to many, CZ-USA has been somewhat quietly rolling out a line of suppressors designed to compliment their rifles and subguns (and yours, too). Earlier this spring I was invited to join a West Texas hunt — for what, I didn’t know — to get some trigger time behind the new suppressor line, and jumped […]

Gun Review: CZ Swamp Magnum Over/Under Shotgun

The first duck I ever shot was taken with a 12-gauge over-and-under shotgun; a gun that I’ll never forget. As time passed I made the switch to auto-loaders without regrets. But every time I open my safe and see that first-duck O/U staring back at me, the itch to return to a double-barreled bird gun […]