Obscure Object of Desire: Borchardt C93, The First “Modern” Semi-Automatic Pistol

By beetle There are a lot of features in modern guns that we take for granted. At a basic level, the design of most pistols today seems very similar. Almost every one will make use...

Of Hemingway, Castro and Che

By Miguel A. Faria Jr., M.D. Following publication of his book, The Longest Romance: The Mainstream Media and Fidel Castro, Humberto Fontova gave an interview to The Daily Caller that was turned into an excellent...
Browning Hi-Power

The Browning Hi-Power – A Gun Ahead of Its Time

Reader Ben T. Jimenez writes: The Browning Hi-Power — also known as BHP or GP-35 — was the last project firearms design genius John Moses Browning worked on. He didn’t live to see the project...

Guns of the OSS: The High Standard HDM

  Many of James Bond’s gadgets are pure fantasy, but some of them are rooted in aspects of reality. Some real life examples of similar objects were used during World War II by actual spies. The...
Elmer Keith 600 Yard Shot

Elmer Keith’s 600-Yard Shot: Tall Tale Or Simply Great Shooting?

Elmer Keith was a character, one practically right out of a legend. A barely literate cowboy by many accounts (his editors were said to work miracles) but a shooter of incredible skill, a wildcatter...
Brownells Chicago Typewriter Tommy Gun Package

Brownells Now Offering ‘Chicago Typewriter’ Tommy Gun Package

"How's about I play you a little tune on my violin?" Brownells wants to give you the chance to channel your inner Machine Gun Kelly. They've partnered with Auto Ordnance to offer every closet...
tanfoglio mossad pistol

Obscure Object of Desire: Tanfoglio MOSSAD Pistol

I truly do not understand how so many members of my tribe – that is to say, Jewish folk – can say and mean “Never Again,” and simultaneously push for civilian disarmament. I can't...

Smith & Wesson Bolt Action Rifles, a Blast From the Past

For most of its history, Smith & Wesson had been known for producing high quality revolvers. When the polymer pistol craze began, S&W jumped on the bandwagon as well and, while they still make...
nfa hughes amendment machine gun

The NFA and Hughes Amendment Strike Again

If you've spent even just a minuscule amount of time in the firearms world, you are familiar with the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Hughes Amendment portion of the Firearm Owners Protection...

Antique Handguns and Canada; the Choices Have Narrowed

It wasn't that long ago that taking firearms into or out of Canada was fairly easy. I recall that long guns were no problem, and even handguns only required a simple seal showing that...

Cody Firearm Museum to Hold Arsenals of History Virtual Summit

Love hearing people talk about firearms history? On November 14th, join the Cody Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West for the Kurt Swanson Bucholz Arsenals History Virtual Summit. The event...

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the M1 Carbine. Allegedly.

Tom McHale writes : The U.S. Carbine, Caliber .30, M1 (a.k.a., the M1 Carbine) reached a total production of over six million rifles in just 38 months. As a wartime project, quantity and speed were...