FN Model 1922 pistol handgun

Obscure Object of Desire: The FN Model 1922

I've become more and more of a fan of old guns. I cursed myself today when I was outbid on an Ithaca 37 Police, and it's now going for higher than I'm willing to...

Discarded Greatness: The Walther P5 9mm Pistol

Last month we brought you the Heckler & Koch P7 which Jeremy believes is the best pistol ever made in the history of the world. Now here's a look at a dearly departed contemporary...
Savage M1907 .32 ACP

Obscure Objects of Desire: Savage M1907 Pistol in .32 ACP

It all started when the United States military wanted to move from revolvers to semi-automatics and wanted a .45 caliber pistol. As we all know, the M1911 won the contract, but one of the...

Obscure Object of Desire: My Custom ‘Apache Pug’ Knuckleduster Revolver

Reader Rudukai13 writes . . . I recently received a completed custom design I commissioned from Wright Armory in Tempe, Arizona. It's inspired by the Apache Revolvers of the mid 19th century. An array of...
gun rights protest shall not be infringed

Kates and Levinson: A Post-Bruen Look at the Roots of Modern Second Amendment Scholarship

By LKB Like many of you, I am still processing the depth of the legal earthquakes from the Supreme Court late last month. With the 6 to 3 opinion in Bruen now the law of...
Sterling Model 302 .22LR pistol

Obscure Object of Desire: Sterling 302 .22LR Pistol

How did I find a Sterling 302? Well, it's a long story. I've become a pretty big fan of auctions. Not Gunbroker-style auctions, but real auctions that move in real time. I have a local...
Rohm RG10 .22 Revolver

Obscure Object of Desire: Rohm RG10 Rimfire Revolver

The anti-gun crowd loves to make up terms to justify their chronic hoplophobia. While that bunch frequently falls in the low IQ quartile, they're pretty good at branding. They created terms like "assault weapons" and...
Colt Fourth Model Rimfire Derringer

Obscure Object of Desire: Colt Fourth Model Rimfire Derringer

I think a lot of us appreciate rimfire variants of our favorite guns. The HK MP5, the Walther PPQ, the SIG P322, and the GLOCK 44, among others, give us a cheaper way to...