Erle Stanley Gardner’s Colt SAA: Blast from the Past

I’m not sure who cares that author Erle Stanley Gardner owned the Colt Single Action Army pistol featured in the NRA video above. That’s not what I call provenance. Gardner’s Perry Mason — fictional character that he is — pales in comparison to the famous, infamous and anonymous soldiers and frontiersmen (and women) who wielded […]

The Deer Gun: A New Liberator for a New War

Most historians and gun guys are familiar with the Liberator pistol from World War II. Crudely produced at the General Motors Guide Lamp Division in Indiana, the Liberator was a single-shot .45 caliber pistol with an effective range of one to four yards, mostly due to its super-short, unrifled barrel. The purpose of the guns […]

Portuguese Homemade Revolver Uses Homemade Cartridges

This image from appears to be from a Portuguese police agency. Shotgun shells are often used for the clandestine manufacture of pistol ammunition. In many countries it’s much easier to obtain shotgun shells than pistol or rifle ammunition. In countries where severe restrictions on the private ownership of firearms have been imposed, shotguns are […]

Anti-Gunners Author JAMA Study of Australian Gun Control

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) recently published a study entitled Association Between Gun Law Reforms and Intentional Firearm Deaths in Australia, 1979-2013. “Following enactment of gun law reforms in Australia in 1996, there were no mass firearm killings through May 2016,” its authors write. “There was a more rapid decline in firearm deaths between 1997 […]

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Got .22?

A little more than a week ago, I was in my local Yuma, Arizona Walmart. I was surprised to find 2300 rounds of CCI Mini-mag .22 Long Rifle cartridges and 1,000 rounds of Standard Velocity CCI .22 Long Rifle cartridges for sale. The clerk told me that it was unusual, but they saw .22 come in […]

The Future of Gun Collecting

Gun collecting as we know it today is a relatively new field. Sure, people have been amassing a wide selection of guns for their personal use and enjoyment for quite some time, but many of those people wouldn’t have called themselves collectors or their guns a collection. I’m talking about people who purposely seek out and […]

Pistol Packin’ Politician: Blast from the Past

The text of this ad which appeared in the April 1914 edition of National Geographic is kind of blurry in the image. It’s worth reading, so here it is in its entirety: Al. Jennings, former train robber, candidate for Governor of Oklahoma and author of “Beating Back.” This is Al. Jennings He says: “Jiminy! It’s […]

Sousa Shills Shotguns: Blast from the Past

John Philip Sousa is best known as the “The March King” for the 137 marches he wrote, many while he was director of the Marine Band. But he also had a passion for trap shooting. He organized the first national trapshooting organization which became the Amateur Trapshooting Association, and authored a number of articles on […]