The US Military’s Last Flintlock Pistol

The concept of percussion ignition was invented in 1805 by a Scottish Reverend named Alexander Forsyth. English-born artist Joshua Shaw invented what we know as the percussion cap in 1822. Living in the United States, Shaw patented the cap in the US and not his native England to avoid legal action against him by Reverend […]

Color Case-Hardened GLOCK 43: Merging the Old West With the New

Earlier this year the Cody Firearms Museum was home to an exhibition called GLOCK Makes History: The Birth of the Polymer Handgun Market. The exhibit chronicled the history of polymer handguns, starting with the earliest “plastic” pistols manufactured by Heckler & Koch. The exhibit then focused on GLOCKs – the first commercially successful polymer handgun. As curator, I handled over 40 GLOCKs — and […]

The Holy Grail of 1911s: The Singer 1911A1

John Browning’s 1911 is arguably the most iconic handgun of all time. Everyone knows what you’re talking about and can picture one in their head. A total of 2.7 million 1911s were made during its unprecedented 75-year-run as the standard sidearm of the United States military. And that doesn’t take into consideration the massive number […]

How Sam Colt Won WWII

Sam Colt went to London’s Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1851 to display his new guns and to show off what he had accomplished in the world of manufacturing. After all, this was the “Great Exhibition for the Industries of All Nations,” and he wanted to make a big impression. Englishmen were amazed at the rapidity […]

The Hunt Volitional Rifle: The Winchester Lever Gun’s Earliest Ancestor

When firearms buffs hear the names Samuel Colt, Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson, they think of both the gun designer and the manufacturers that bear their name . Ditto Oliver Winchester. Little known fact: the man behind the Winchester rifle didn’t begin his career in the firearms business. He was a shirt manufacturer. Furthermore, the lineage of the”Gun that […]

Cody Firearms Museum: 1918 Colt Model 1911Cutaway

TTAG is delighted to welcome Ashley Hlebinsky, the Robert W. Woodruff Curator at the Cody Firearms Museum. Ms. Hlebinsky will be giving TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia insight into the museum’s extensive collection of historical firearms. A Winchester 1911 semi-automatic pistol? OK not quite. But Winchester came close to manufacturing the legendary Colt Model 1911 at the close of WWI. The competition […]

CBS Goes All-In For Gun Control. Again. Still.

“Of all the artifacts that were aboard the good ship Mayflower, not a single gun is known to have survived,” CBS News “reports.” in their article/TV package. “But historians believe they were probably there, accompanying the pilgrims to Plymouth Rock.” Wait. What? Is CBS suggesting — even for a moment — that the Pilgrims weren’t […]

Are You European and Want a Gun? Be Swiss!

The Swiss have always had a lot of guns and significant freedom. As Machiavelli noted in “The Prince” in 1517: “Moreover, a Republic trusting to her own forces, is with greater difficulty than one which relies on foreign arms brought to yield obedience to a single citizen. Rome and Sparta remained for ages armed and […]