FGC9 FGC-9 3d printed gun

‘Ghost Gun’ Watch: The FGC-9 3D Printed Gun Shows Up In Northern Ireland

First, a little background for those who aren't completely up to date on British history and politics. The UK may officially be known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but...

Do The MP5 Slap! 3D Printed Gun In Hilarious Video

Hahaha this video slaps! View "The HK Slap" from Print Shoot Repeat on YouTube HERE or hit play on it embedded below: https://youtu.be/kucefQ6sYbo    
Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Optics Ready Slide 10mm

Things That Don’t Suck: Wolff Gunsprings 22 lb. M&P 10mm Recoil Spring

Before I ordered my Smith & Wesson M&P in 10mm (TTAG review HERE), I did a lot of reading. I've had a number of guns over the years, but I'm not a collector and...
Wheeler F.A.T. Wrench

Gear Review: Wheeler F.A.T. Wrench Torque Tool

When I was reviewing Primary Arms' version of the Holosun 507c (with its much-improved reticle), I realized pretty quickly that I needed to step up my tool game a bit. I know that for...