Don’t Panic-Buy Your First Gun, Make a Prepared Purchase. Here’s What You Need to Know

Here is some critical information to make sure you get the right gun and gear during this unprecedented event. Gun shops nationwide are seeing a huge demand and record sales, particularly from first-time gun buyers as Americans prepare for the worst amid the coronavirus pandemic. The NSSF confirmed that on Monday, NICS staff experienced an […]

How Do You Handle People Who Suddenly Want To Borrow a Gun?

Now that our world has become a significantly more tension-filled place with the spread of the Chinese coronavirus affecting almost every aspect of daily life, a lot of non-gun owners have reconsidered their opinion on firearm ownership. Feeling less safe and secure during a national emergency makes people reconsider how they’d protect themselves and their […]

What’s the Worst Self Defense Advice You’ve Ever Heard?

Between gun stores and the internet, gun owners both new and old can learn a lot. Great information is widely available about gun ownership, maintaining firearms and their use in competition, recreation and self-defense. Unfortunately, the quality of that information can vary widely. Some bits of advice and information that are often repeated are particularly […]

Emergency Preparedness: How Much is Enough?

  Preparedness for contingencies goes a long way to turning chaos into mere inconvenience. Finding one’s self unprepared when life throws you a curveball sucks. Hopefully, like many TTAG readers, you maintain some level of readiness for a variety of emergencies. If so, congrats. The question quickly becomes how much is “enough” though when it […]

3 Things They Don’t Teach You In Concealed Carry Class

Mandatory firearms training violates our Second Amendment protection against government infringement on the right to keep and bear arms. That said, I’ve been generally impressed with the instruction I’ve been forced to absorb. It’s tedious yes, but usually covers everything from how a gun works to the legal use of deadly force to anger management […]