NSSF: One in Five New Target Shooters Started in the Last Five Years

Ever since the first “Obama surge,” the civilian disarmament industry’s been telling the world that the gun industry’s soaring sales are down to racist, right-wing paranoid OFWG’s stocking-up for armed insurrection [paraphrasing, but only just]. The People of the Gun knew better. In the absence of hard numbers, they clocked the decreasing age, increasing diversity […]

AR15.com Pro/Am 3-Gun Match: A Minor Rant

The AR15.com 3-gun match in Kentucky is billed as a “pro/am” match. Shooters are divided into two groups, with the shooters themselves self-selecting their preferred association, either “Pro” or “Amateur.” I had expected that the competition would run like the Hornady zombie match in Nebraska, which I thought was brilliant. Instead, the AR15.com match was […]

Gun Hero of the Day: Chuck Evans

  You want to talk about the blind leading the blind? I’ve seen people at the gun range who can’t shoot for toffee teaching newbies how [not] to shoot. On the other hand there’s The Bountiful Lion’s Club and Bountiful Jeep Posse, helping blind kids get to grips with firearms. “We want to give blind […]

Diamondback DB9 and +P Ammo = Ka-boom!

Did you catch my article about +P and +P+ ammunition yesterday? In it, I basically recommended that new shooters avoid the +P and +P+ completely. Even as a more experienced shooter, I still avoid the stuff whenever I can. There’s one simple reason: dumb friends. Yes, you can be sure to always load the normal stuff […]

Book Review: American Gun by Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle wrote one of the best books I’ve read this year: American Sniper. The autobiography of America’s deadliest sniper since Carlos Hathcock was a fascinating read, an insider’s look at the men and methodology of America’s military adventures abroad. Unfortunately Chris was cut down in his prime. Before that last fateful trip to the gun range Kyle […]