Scopes For Beginners: Parallax Adjustment

Many shooters will never nail a sub-MOA group due not to a lack of skill or a questionable rifle, but to misunderstanding a scope's parallax adjustment and what it's for. Hint: it ain't "side...
gamo C-15 pistol

Can’t Buy a Firearm Now? Here Are 3 Air Guns You Can Buy Today

Lots of people are buying firearms these days and lots of people can't find firearms these days given the unprecedented demand. Plus there's the issue of delayed background checks, waiting periods or gun stores...

What’s A Krinkov, Anyway?

A "Krinkov" is a short-barrel variant of the AK-74. Specifically, it's the AKS-74U. You'll see either the specific gun or any SBR AK being referred to as a Krinkov on occasion, as it's a...

How To Get Your Own FFL: A Brief Step-By-Step Guide

How do you get an FFL? There's a procedure to be followed in order to get there, as with licensure of any kind. Not only that, it's actually pretty easy. Well, it's not necessarily the...
GLOCK 19 Gen5

The True Cost of Buying Your First Handgun

By Rob Aught Sticker shock. Anyone who has ever shopped for a car knows what it is. I was somewhat surprised to find out it can apply to firearm purchases as well. Fortunately, when I...
Avoid Rookie Mistakes With Your AR-15 Rifle

Shooting Better With Your AR-15 Rifle: Avoid Rookie Mistakes

A flexible, modular design and decades of robust sales have pushed the AR-15 to the top of long gun heap, making it America's favorite rifle. But while it may look easy to operate, many...
Single-Stage vs. Two-Stage Rifle Triggers

Single-Stage vs. Two-Stage Rifle Triggers – What’s the Difference?

The trigger is obviously one of the most important links that a shooter has to his rifle. Granted, the stock, grip, and forend all matter, but the trigger is of special importance. Today we...

Classic Caliber Comparison: .270 vs .30-06

The caliber wars were old long before tactical enthusiasts left angry comments on blogs via their cell phones whilst patrolling their local mart store for Isis, and indeed among the oldest debates is 270...
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Self Defense Tip: Carry a Spare Magazine

A lot of gun owners worry about their gun going "click" instead of "bang" when they really need it. With basic maintenance and using good self-defense (i.e. jacketed hollow-point) ammunition, the vast majority of...

What’s The Right Age To Teach Kids Gun Safety?

Here's an inconvenient truth: firearm safety education saves lives. However, some people fear them and don't want anything to do with teaching their kids gun safety. At the same time, others agonize over when...
Old ammunition safe to shoot

Is Old Ammunition Safe to Shoot?

As a longtime firearms instructor and head of a gun rights group, people ask me all sorts of questions. All questions have merit, especially for people who are new to guns. Among these questions,...