Gun Review: Adams Arms Tactical Evo Rifle

The AR-15 platform has indeed gotten a bit stale. Everyone and their illegitimate cousin twice removed makes a version of the gun these days, and for most manufacturers all they actually do is grab a barrel from one supplier, a receiver from another, slap their branding on it and call the thing “new.” And for […]

Gun Review: Del-Ton ‘Evolution’ AR-15

  Del-Ton makes ARs, and this Evolution model is its top of the line. For those of you with truly short attention spans, the USA Today version of this review is that the Del-Ton DTI Evolution is pleasantly accurate, exceptionally comfortable and perfectly reliable. And lightweight, too. Joe and I shot it fairly extensively and […]

Gun Review: FNS-9

I’m a polymer-framed 9 mm pistol kind of guy. Well, at least I fancy myself one. Truth be told, I haven’t shot enough of them to have the depth of experience to really qualify as a polymer pistol “guy.” But I’m working on it. And when Nick threw me the keys to his FNS 9 […]

Gun Review: Glock 26 Gen 4 [Updated 2018]

Glock 26 Gen 4 Gun Review When conversation turns to the subject of Gaston’s creations, it seems that most people fall into one of two categories. The first are those who think that Jesus Christ (or your personal religious deity of choice) himself/herself/itself came down from heaven/paradise/whatever and bestowed the Glock design upon Gaston himself […]

Gun Review: Glock 42

With their oh-so-sly teaser ad campaign and the fact that it seemed like Glock hadn’t introduced a new gun since late in the first Clinton administration, the company did a marvelous job of whipping up loads of interest and anticipation for their new gun . . . Firearms folk had been hankering for a slim, single-stack, […]

Gun Review: Remington R51

Remington’s newly announced R51 is a modern version of the old Remington Model 51 [above], released in 1918 and discontinued some time around 1927. This is Remington’s second “updated” pistol after the 1911 R1, and I get the distinct impression they’re slowly working their way through the old designs and re-releasing the good stuff with modern machining […]

Gun Review: Robinson Armament XCR-M

  By Austin Knudsen It isn’t every day that I get the opportunity to shoot a $2,500 rifle. My rifles generally fall more into the gun shop bargain rack category. So when the opportunity to play with one presents itself, I figure I’d better take the time and do it right. The rifle in question […]

Gun Review: FNH USA FNS-40L Long Slide

By Michael Stephenson Folks, the three-gun craze has been good to us gun owners. After years of everything from “zombie green” revolvers to glow-in-the-dark ammo, it’s nice to see functional improvements being made to new products. FNH USA enters the already competitive “out-of-the-box” competition handgun market with its new(ish) FNS Long Slide line (in this […]

Long-Term Gun Test Update: Kel-Tec PF-9.

It’s been more than three years since I first reviewed Kel Tec’s diminutive and now somewhat infamous PF-9. My review from November of 2010 was quite favorable, and the PF-9 was my carry gun for the next year. It was a promising little gun once it got broken in, but things started to go wrong […]

Gun Review: MEAN Hybrid-15

  Polymer AR-15 rifles aren’t anything new. Heck, you can print one out at home if you really have the urge. But while they may be “old hat” at this point, you can definitely see the appeal of a lightweight rifle — especially since pounds equal pain in any shooting environment. Historically they all suffer […]

Gun Review: VEPR-12 Shotgun

The problem with shotguns is that the ammunition is huge and awkward. As a result, the traditional way to keep a shotgun running has been a tube magazine running along the bottom of the barrel. It works well for things like skeet and hunting, but when you get into “tactical” uses or competition shooting the […]

Gun Review: Zastava M70A Handgun

Everyone and their brother is looking for the most bang for their buck when it comes to handguns, and on the lower end of that scale things tend to look pretty bleak. Your options are pretty much limited to either the Hi-Point C9, which compares unfavorably with a masonry brick, and a wide assortment of […]