Gun Review: STI HEX Tactical SS 9mm 1911

STI is under new management. A gentleman from Taos, New Mexico took a shine to the Texas gunmaker and added it to his portfolio. Smart move. (They’ve got an average eight-month backorder for their firearms.) As regular readers will know, STI makes top quality guns for the top end of the market, designed and hand-finished […]

Gun Review: Mossberg MVP LR-T

I’ve spent nearly a decade and thousands of rounds trying to identify the Ultimate Texas Hunting Rifle. For most of my life, it’s been a Ruger M77 Mark II in .243 WIN. Last year, I hacked four inches off the barrel, screwed on a silencer and fitted the stock with a cheek riser. It felt as if my […]

Gun Review: Bergara LRP Elite

As a small child, not even firmly in the double digits for age, my parents attended a conference for work hosted at the Broadmoor Hotel. To this day, I’ll never forget the bacon they served for breakfast. It was otherworldly in texture and flavor, no doubt wasted on my yet-to-develop palate. At the time, I […]

Gun Review: Bond Arms Texas Defender

A few years ago I was looking for a boot gun for deep concealment, and a spare pistol to keep in the truck. As a kid, I often carried a single-barreled .410 pistol. I knew the caliber’s capabilities and limitations. So when I saw a Bond Arms derringer online for about half MSRP, I jumped at the chance to […]

Gun Review: Brownells Aero Precision 308 AR OEM Rifle

Building your own guns is a gas. Nothing quite fills the void the corporate world creates like spending a few hours in the shop driving roll pins and torquing things to spec. Building a gun to meet your particular need is rewarding right up until it isn’t. There’s a point where assembly becomes ‘smithing and that’s […]

Gun Review: STI Guardian 9mm 2011

My newfound love affair with the 9mm 1911 recently landed me an STI Guardian double stack 2011. In previous reviews, I’ve gone over the benefits of why I’m liking the 9mm in the 1911. They draw fast, point fast and shoot fast, accurately. When I reviewed the veritable bullet-powered sewing machine that is the STI Tactical DS, I considered […]

Gun Review: Stoeger M3000 R Rifle Slug

  As a born-and-bred Texan, I am unfamiliar with places in this fine country devoid of hills, trees, and obstructions. West Texas is about as close as we get, and even Lubbock has some bumps in the ground. Our readers who live in what politicians and media types deem flyover country — specifically the fields […]