Ruger-57 pistol

Ruger Unveils the New Ruger-57 Pistol Chambered in 5.7x28mm

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is thrilled to introduce a cutting-edge new platform - the Ruger-57™ pistol. The Ruger-57 is a full-featured handgun wrapped around a standard capacity, 20-round steel magazine, chambered...
DSArms New I Series SA58 FAL 7.62x51 Rifles and Pistols

DSArms New I Series SA58 FAL 7.62×51 Rifles and Pistols

The venerable FN FAL battle rifle has been used all over the world going back more than half a century. It's unofficially known as The Right Arm of the Free World as it was...

Black Collar Arms Announces Complete Bolt Action Pistol Builds

Full disclosure: TTAG’s Chris Heuss and I run Black Collar Arms. But I swear we would have published this press release anyway. (ED: We would have.) At any rate, our chassis are super-nice and you...
Stoeger STR-9 Compact

Stoeger’s New STR-9 Compact 9mm

Stoeger is out with a new, very affordable 9mm concealed carry option - the striker-fired STR-9 13+1 9mm compact pistol. Here's their press release: Stoeger continues the tradition of manufacturing quality firearms at an economical price...
Savage's 110 APEX Hunter XP Vortex Scope

Savage’s New 110 APEX Hunter XP With Vortex 3-9×40

Let's be honest, lots of gun buyers don't want to mess with buying a rifle, choosing a separate optic and then putting the two together. That may not be you, but describes a significant...

SHOT Show – Kimber K6S DASA Target Revolver

Wheelguns are inherently attractive weapons. It's hard to make an ugly one (possible, but difficult), and even the ugly ones have some charm to them. Of all the revolvers currently being produced, the Kimber K6S...
spike camp boyds stock

Boyds Gunstocks’ New Ultra-Affordable Spike Camp Hardwood Replacement Stock

Boyds' new Spike Camp laminated hardwood replacement stock gives you everything you really need: a free floating barrel, sling studs and a comfortable thumbhole stock. At only $99, it's a very affordable way to...

Springfield Armory Unveils New Model 2020 Waypoint Bolt Action Rifles

From Springfield Armory: Springfield Armory is proud to introduce the Model 2020 family of bolt action hunting rifles. Precision manufactured in the USA, each Model 2020 is built to deliver the accuracy and performance expected from...
Savage Backcountry Xtreme Series Rifles

Savage’s New Backcountry Extreme Series Rifles

From Savage . . . Savage Arms is pleased to announce the creation of a dynamic new series of performance-driven rifles designed for the most rugged and demanding hunts: The Backcountry Xtreme Series. These rifles...

San Tan Tactical’s New STT-15 Rifle in 6mm ARC

It just might be a first in the gun industry. For once, an ammunition manufacturer launched a new cartridge ahead of schedule and a firearms manufacturer launched the accompanying rifle early, too. That's how...
CZ Bobwhite G2

CZ Monday Morning Sneak Peek: Bobwhite G2 SxS Shotgun

Who in their right mind would want a classic-looking (and classy-looking) side-by-side shotgun at a surprisingly low price? Yeah, me too. CZ's bringing back the Bobwhite. CZ-USA's comments and a bunch more photos follow...
Stevens 320 thumbhole shotgun

Savage’s New Stevens 320 Thumbhole Pump Hunting and Defensive Shotguns

From Savage Arms Savage Arms is pleased to announce the addition of three new models to their venerable Stevens 320 shotgun lineup. These new thumbhole stock pump-actions provide control and versatility and offer a new...