New From Weatherby: Backcountry 2.0 Rifles (4.7 LBS!)

With modern materials like carbon fiber and titanium, Weatherby's new Backcountry 2.0 rifles have set the lightweight hunting rifle bar extremely high (or low?). Starting at an incredible 4.7 lbs light, these rifles won't...
KelTec P15 9mm striker-fired

KelTec Announces Its First Striker-Fired Pistol, the New P15 9mm With 15-Round Magazine

From KelTec . . . How does KelTec follow up a 30th anniversary of game-changing firearms innovation in 2021? By kicking off 2022 with the introduction of its 9mm KelTec P15 pistol, the lightest and...

Shooting Trailblazer Firearms’ New Pivot 9mm ‘Folding’ Rifle [VIDEO]

When Trailblazer Firearms (makers of the LifeCard pistol) first announced their interesting new "folding" 9mm rifle last fall, it was called the Pack9. They've since re-christened it as the Pivot for reasons that will...

New From ODIN Works: OTR-15 Receiver Set

Over the years I've used a bunch of various ODIN Works parts, and they've earned a place as one of my go-to companies for high quality, highly functional AR components. They even make some...
escort SD-X shotgun

Escort’s SD-X 12 Gauge and .410 Modern Sporting Shotguns

From Escort Shotguns . . . The Escort SD-X is part of Hatsan's Versatile Tactical Shotgun series. Available in either 12 ga or .410 cal, this modern sporting shotgun is offered in all black or FDE...

SHOT Show 2022: Kalashnikov USA’s Chaos

My love of shotguns extends to the mostly useless firearm category of pistol grip-only 12 gauge firearms that have become popular as of late. These firearms don't mind getting a little silly, and Kalashnikov...

Firearm Industry Passes $15 Billion in Pittman-Robertson Tax Contributions for Conservation

From the National Shooting Sports Foundation . . . NSSF, the firearm industry trade association, marked a milestone achievement when firearm and ammunition manufacturers topped $15 billion in contributions to the Wildlife Restoration Trust Fund...
SIG SAUER M400 Tread Predator

SIG SAUER Announces the New M400 Tread Predator Hunting Rifle

From SIG SAUER . . . SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to introduce the SIG M400 TREAD PREDATOR, the newest addition to the SIG hunting rifle line-up.  The TREAD PREDATOR is an MSR platform hunting rifle, designed...
FN SCAR 16S NRCH non-reciprocating charging handle

FN’s New Upgraded SCAR Rifles Feature Dual Non-Reciprocating Charging Handles

One of the few gripes that some shooters have with FN's venerable SCAR rifle platform is its reciprocating charging handle. Our own Foghorn, who used to shoot for Team FN, went so far as...

Marlin is Back: Ruger is Shipping Marlin 1895 SBL Lever-Action Rifles

It's been a long, hard rode for Marlin rifle lovers. After the brand was acquired by the Cerberus bean counters who cobbled together the monstrosity that was once known as the Freedom Group and...

SIG SAUER Announces the P210 Carry 9mm Pistol

From SIG SAUER . . . SIG SAUER is pleased to announce the latest release in the historic line of P210 pistols – the P210 CARRY. This pistol combines the historic lineage of its iconic Swiss predecessor with the...

SIG SAUER’S New P320 AXG Pro With Full-Length Pro-Cut Slide

If you're not into self-same polymer guns, SIG SAUER's new iteration of the modular P320 pistol will be right up your alley. The P320 AXG Pro is the first all metal full-size P320, featuring...