FN’s New FN 509 Tactical 9mm Pistol

FN introduced their FN 509 9mm striker-fired pistol last year. It was a product of their bid for the Army's Modular Handgun System contract. Now, they're expanding the 509 line with the new, optics-ready...

First Shots With The New FN 509 Tactical 9mm

While Jeremy S. will have his full review of the FN 509 Tactical up in the next few days, here are some more details and photos to keep you all happy courtesy of Ammoland. If...

CMMG’s New Mk57 Pistols and SBRs in FN 5.7x28mm

Press release: CMMG has announced the release of a new line of AR pistols and short-barreled rifles (SBR's) chambered in FN 5.7x28mm.  Available in 5-inch barreled BANSHEE and 8-inch barreled PSB configurations, each model in...
Remington Defense Army Contract Carbine

Remington Defense Awarded Army Contract for Off-the-Shelf Carbines

Remington Defense, the LEO/Military sales arm of Remington Outdoor, has secured a contract to supply the US Army with commercial off the shelf carbines. The company isn't disclosing which carbines or how many of them,...
10/22® Target Lite with Red and Black Laminate Thumbhole Stock

Ruger’s New 10/22 Target Lite with Red and Black Laminate Thumbhole Stock

Press release: 10/22® Target Lite with Red and Black Laminate Thumbhole Stock The new 10/22® Target Lite is a top of the line offering from Ruger. Featuring the BX-Trigger™ with a light, crisp 2.5 - 3...
Smith & Wesson M&P45 Shield Crimson Trace

Smith & Wesson’s New M&P45 Shield M2.0 With Integrated Crimson Trace Laser

JWT just reviewed the Smith & Wesson M&P45 Shield Performance Center pistol. Worth a read. Now, Smith's announced a new M&P45 Shield M2.0 with an integrated Crimson Trace Laser. A big plus: the new...

Walther’s New CCP M2 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol

Jeremy reviewed the original CCP back in 2015 and only had one real problem with it: the takedown process. For some reason, this excellent concealed carry pistol required a tool to take the gun...

Plastic 3D ‘Guns’ Confiscated in Australian Raid

A few weeks ago, in the town of Mudjimba on the Sunshine Coast of Eastern Australia, police raided a house and found 3D-printed plastic guns, some false identifications and a small amount of drugs. From...
Remington SIXITE Gear Model 700

Remington Custom Shop Announces the Model 700 SIXSITE Edition Rifle

Remington's South Dakota-based custom shop -- an operation you may not be familiar with -- turns out some truly beautiful work. Now they're teaming up with SIXSITE Gear to produce the Model 700 SIXITE...

New from Spike’s Tactical: Spartan AR15 Lower receiver

One of the things Spike's Tactical is known for is making some great AR-15 lowers with creative markings on the mag well. Now they've turned it up to 11 with their latest lower, The...

Rock River Arms Polymer 1911 Now Shipping

You might think of Rock River Arms as an AR manufacturer but in reality the company's first gun ever was a 1911. Decades later, they're going back to their handgun roots (can I get...

Auto Ordnance’s New Case Hardened GI Series 1911

Th M1911A1 is a classic if ever there was one. Some gunnies think it's sacrilege to mess with JMB's meisterwerk. Not us. If you can, do. If you like it, why not? Here's Auto-Ordnance's...