Escort’s New BTS Bullpup Shotguns in 12 Gauge and .410 Bore

Escort's new BTS bullpups expand the Bentonville, Arkansas company's Versatile Tactical Shotgun line with more compact, portable packages in 12 gauge or .410 bore. Offered in either black or FDE Cerakote, the new inline gas...
Ruger's New Magnum Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifle BX-15 magazine

Ruger’s New .17 HMR, .22 WMR Magnum Models of the Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifle

Ruger's taking the next logical step after their very successful introduction of the 22LR Ruger Precision Rimfire a year ago. They're now adding a little more oomph to the line with the addition of...

The WAMO Powermaster .22LR Pistol: One Dangerous Gun

Have you ever had a gun store give you a gun? As in, you walk in to buy some 9mm ammo and leave with a free gun (minus the $6 extortion fee to have...

SHOT Show: The Palmetto State Armory AR-V Rifle

Palmetto State Armory is a company that doesn't seem to be scared of making weird stuff a reality. They started with their AK-V, beating Kalashnikov USA to the 9mm AK pistol and rifle market....

Does Benchmade Knives Support Second Amendment Rights?

I was tipped off yesterday morning about something of note to gun owners. I was told that Oregon-based Benchmade Knives was destroying firearms for the Oregon City, Oregon Police Department. A post appeared on...

Missouri Doctors: Gun Violence and COVID-19 are the Same Thing

According to, doctors in Missouri are equating gun violence to coronavirus. Grabbed from the article: “There’s no part of medicine that’s safe from the impact of gun violence anymore,” Mueller said. “Just like COVID,...

Fox News: Mexico’s Gun Laws Help Cartels

The latest from Fox News seems to fall under the "no kidding, Sherlock" banner. In a recent report studying the cartel crimes in Mexico and a potential correlation to the country's strict gun laws,...

BREAKING: Colt Brings Back the Python .357 Revolver

Years ago, John Butler wrote a popular post here explaining why Colt would never again build another Python revolver. But John probably knew that his prediction was in trouble when Colt got back into...
Springfield Armory's New XD-M Elite Series 3.8" Compact

Springfield Armory’s New XD-M Elite Series 3.8″ Compact Carry Pistol

Just because they have a huge hit on their hands in the Hellcat doesn't mean there isn't room in Springfield Armory's lineup for other everyday carry options. The new XD-M Elite 3.8" Compact has...
2020 SHOT Show

5 Best New Guns of SHOT Show 2020

Talking to people around the SHOT Show floor, the consensus seemed to be that this was definitely an up year for new products. Last year was pretty lackluster, but firearms manufacturers have been hard...

American Tactical’s New Bull-Dog 12 Gauge Shotgun

From American Tactical: American Tactical, US manufacturer and worldwide importer of firearms, ammunition and tactical equipment, is proud to introduce the Bull-Dog Shotgun. The Bull-Dog is American Tactical's latest import from Turkey. This shotgun offers a...

New From LWRC: SMG-45 .45 ACP SBR and Pistol

LWRC surprised everyone at NRAAM this year by releasing a completely new platform, the SMG-45. It's a .45 ACP subgun that takes HK UMP magazines. For the commercial market it will be available in...