Thompson/Center Adds Two Performance Center Heavy Barrel T/CR22 Rimfire Rifles

Thompson/Center’s T/CR22 rimfire rifle is an impressive rival to the dominant Ruger 10/22. See our review of the T/CR22 here. We really loved the features-for-the-dollar the T/CR22 offers. Given the rifle’s extensive compatibility with 10/22 mods and aftermarket parts, you had to know that Thompson/Center would be expanding the line. Now American Outdoor has turned the […]

Oops! GLOCK 43X Review and GLOCK 48 Details Leaked Ahead of Embargo Date

Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Follow us: Firearm Rack on Facebook [This article was originally published at and is reprinted here with permission.] It appears that the Sootch00 GLOCK 43X review was published ahead of the January 2nd date by mistake. While that sucks for Sootch, it does allow those of us who weren’t […]

American Tactical’s New Folding Single Shot Nomad Shotguns

American Tactical’s new Nomad uber-affordable single-shot shotguns come in .410, 20- and 12-gauge, are Turkish-made and fold in half for ultimate portability. Each chambering comes in two barrel lengths and no matter which one you choose, all you’ll pay is $109.95. Here’s their press release . . . American Tactical Introduces Nomad Shotgun Series (Summerville, SC […]

CZ Monday Morning Sneak Peek: Bobwhite G2 SxS Shotgun

Who in their right mind would want a classic-looking (and classy-looking) side-by-side shotgun at a surprisingly low price? Yeah, me too. CZ’s bringing back the Bobwhite. CZ-USA’s comments and a bunch more photos follow . . . The CZ-USA Bobwhite G2 represents the return of our double-trigger side-by-side. With an English-style grip and splinter forend […]

Steyr Launches a Scout Rifle Chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor

A number of gun makers have signed onto Jeff Cooper’s scout rifle concept…a lightweight bolt action carbine chambered in a caliber (usually .308) that could take down anything in North America, and is useable with either iron sights or a forward-mounted optic. It could be the one rifle you own…if you’re only going to own […]

BREAKING: The Next New GLOCK…A10-Round 43X

Whether you enjoy the aesthetic or not it’s difficult to argue with the reliability of GLOCKs. And although most of us understandably associate the poly pistols with double-stacks, remember, they do come as singles. In 2015 GLOCK introduced their GLOCK 43, a gun I enjoyed getting my hands on at their media launch event. Just […]

CZ-USA Monday Sneak Peek: CZ Custom A01-LD Competition Gun

This Monday CZ-USA is showing off a purpose-built competition gun made by partner shop CZ Custom. It’s called the A01-LD, and it’s built on a custom-designed frame. A match-grade bull barrel rides over the A01-LD’s massive frame that’s designed to accept P-09-pattern magazines. This means a 19+1 standard capacity or 21+1 capacity with extended basepad. […]