SHOT Show: Palmetto State Armory MP5 Update

Palmetto State Armory is working to bring the masses an affordable, American-made MP5. Due to an issue with a parts manufacturer not making some components to the required specs PSA demanded, the release was delayed. But fear not, PSA is looking at a late Q3 or early Q4 release with a MSRP below $1,300 and […]

Faxon Firearms’ First Pistols: The 9mm FX-19 Patriot and Hellfire

Cincinnati-based Faxon Firearms has just announced a line of polymer-framed 9mm pistols. The new FX-19 line includes two handguns, the Patriot and the Hellfire. Both feature optics-ready, DLC-coated, aggressively machined slides and take GLOCK 19 magazines. The Hellfire comes silencer-ready with a threaded barrel and suppressor-height sights. Faxon hasn’t announced prices yet. Here’s their press […]

Franklin Armory’s New Providence Carbine Fires One Round Per Pull, But Isn’t a Semi-Automatic

Given the current climate, particularly in certain states, a firearm design that launches one round per trigger pull, yet isn’t a semi-automatic, might be a really good thing. Franklin Armory has surveyed the political landscape and has come up with a new prototype action. They’re calling it the Providence and claim that while it fires […]

New From Kel-Tec: CP33 Pistol and KS7 Shotgun

Back in mid-November I trekked up to Gillette, Wyoming and put hundreds of rounds through a couple new firearms from Kel-Tec, which they’ve now [partially] announced ahead of SHOT Show 2019. The KS7 shotgun is effectively a slimline KSG with a single tube magazine. The CP33 — full review inbound this afternoon — is a […]

Colt Adds the New King Cobra .357 Revolver

Since Colt got back into the revolver business a few years back with their Cobra snubbie, they’ve confined themselves to wheel guns chambered for .38 Special. We were impressed by the fit, finish and feel of their Night Cobra introduced last year. Now Colt has added a new stainless .357 model, the Colt King Cobra with […]