Bill Bernstein, Gun Dealer

So I asked Bill Bernstein, owner of Nashville's East Side Gunshop, "what's a nice Jewish boy like you doing selling guns?" If you didn't know, you wouldn't know. With his white beard, dark suit, and...

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Wears a Empty Gun Holster. Now Ask Me If I Care.

Well I must do, on some level. Otherwise I wouldn't be pimping for the page views exploring the psycho-sociological ramifications of American gun culture as manifested by proto-iconographic imagery. Or something like that.

Veness Hudgens on Guns: Size Matters

0 reports that actress Vaness Hudgens has received the requisite training to do the hot chick / hot lead thing. "I trained with Navy Seals for five months," Hudgens said. "It was the most...

Colorado University Alows Nerf Guns For Zombie Hunt

0 Boulder Colorado is one of America's best cities. Disclaimer: this writer is moving there. Well, I was, before I learned that zombies lurk inside Colorado University's engineering building. And I am again, now that...



Are the NRA’s Pants on the Ground?

Despite fears that the Obama administration would usher in a new era of gun control, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is having a banner year. On the meta-level, the U.S. Supreme Court looks set...

Conceal This

I have something to confess. I have a concealed handgun license (CHL) and I rarely carry my handgun. The reasons why I don't carry that often---and why thousands of other concealed carry permit holders...

Fess Parker (a.k.a., Daniel Boone) RIP


Guns And Cleavage Don’t Mix

0 Despite an entire genre of girls 'n guns and 8,933,621 views for this Maxim video, there are dangers to mixing hot chicks and hot lead. The reports that A 22-year-old Fremont woman accidentally...

Range Rover: Trail Glades

"Have you taken our safety course?" The girl behind the counter was as cheerful as you'd expect from someone who works in a windowless double-wide that somehow combines the worst aspects of a hospital...

Peter Wentz [Not Shown] on Home Defense: Bayonets, Not Guns

Fall Out Boy bassist and Ashlee Simpson squeeze Pete Wentz Tweeted his thoughts on home defense. "I really wish bayonets were primary weapons still." Then "I feel like I'd be good at using...