Like Deliverance, Only Worse

I know, right. How could anything be worse than Deliverance? Well, for one thing, Deliverance was a movie. CASTEEL v. STATE is a real case. It concerns the gruesome murder of Air Force squadron...

Perception v. Reality: Which ones are “Gun States”?

As you might have heard, several states have passed---or are in the process of passing---laws that (re)assert states rights over guns that are manufactured, sold and used within their respective states. Despite concerns about...

What’s Wrong With This Video: Here’s Looking At You Kid Edition


Hunting with Ted Nugent: As Surreal as it Gets??

You wait all day for a hunting story and BAM! Two come along at once. This time, we're talking about a truly unique (as opposed to somewhat unique) piece of sports writing: The Shawn...

New York Gun Control Crusader [Not Shown] to Head Security Firm

Frederico Gebauer was New York Mayor Bloomberg's go-to guy for gun control. As First Deputy Criminal Justice Coordinator, Gebauer helped develop the City's Gun Courts. He was also the man behind Mayor Bloomberg's national...

Garden & Gun Magazine Nominated for an “Ellie”

An Ellie, for those of you who don't work for the highly endangered communication format known as "a magazine," is an award bestowed upon said media by the National Magazine Awards folks. It's...

TWHN BS: Definition of a Gun Nut Edition

The word "nut" can be a term of affection. "I'm nuts about you babe." It's also used to denote someone with an enthusiasm for a particular subject or pursuit, indicating a high level of...

Full List of Armed Federal Agencies

Not to go all Glenn Beck on yo ass, but the story about the Department of Education's order for 27 Remington tactical shotguns (nice piece, but I'd also consider the Benelli M4) got me...

Shrimp Cocktail Highlights Anti-Gun Program Waste

I swear, I'm not making this shit up. But I am swearing. Because it's been a long time since I've encountered a piece of investigate journalism of this caliber. Do I need to set... URL Sells for $800,000

0 reports that has brokered the sale of for $800 thousand. Fusible says the price "shattered" the 2010 record for .com domains, costing its unidentified buyer more than double the price paid...

Lynch HUMMER Says Goodbye to A Dead Brand—With A Bang

This is not the first time Lynch HUMMER has gained national publicity with its "free gun" with your vehicle purchase scheme. But it could well be the last, as the HUMMER brand fades into...