Total Recoil 2: What You Can’t See . . .


Melbourne Flash Mob Re-Enacts Xbox Gun Ad

0 In case you're wondering Whiskey Tango Foxtrot this clip is all about, it's an Australian "flash mob" re-enacting a banned Xbox 360 commercial that made the rounds some four years ago. So to speak....

Paper FN F2000

1 Checkt he specs of the real deal here.

Total Recoil 1


Utah Senator: Combine Browning Day with Martin Luther King Day

From the Salt Lake Tribune: Senate leaders say they like the idea of honoring the late Utah gun inventor John Moses Browning with a state holiday, but aren't set on having it share a day...

Major League Baseball: No Guns Allowed. Still.

1 Last year, Major League Baseball (MLB) instituted a "no guns in the clubhouse" policy. This year, the league put signs up to that effect. And the media goes wild! Over this: "Individuals are prohibited...

Nike T-Shirt Gun


Paintball Prey?

What is a paintball sniper? A paintball sniper is totally different than your typical paintball gunman. A sniper lays low, hidden, usually in complete isolation from the other players, waiting to take out his unsuspecting prey. A...

Babes with Bullets. So To Speak


LBAA (Lego Bolt Action Assault)