Total Recoil 2: What You Can’t See . . .


Melbourne Flash Mob Re-Enacts Xbox Gun Ad

0 In case you're wondering Whiskey Tango Foxtrot this clip is all about, it's an Australian "flash mob" re-enacting a banned Xbox 360 commercial that...

Paper FN F2000

0 Checkt he specs of the real deal here.

Total Recoil 1


Utah Senator: Combine Browning Day with Martin Luther King Day

From the Salt Lake Tribune: Senate leaders say they like the idea of honoring the late Utah gun inventor John Moses Browning with a state...

Major League Baseball: No Guns Allowed. Still.

1 Last year, Major League Baseball (MLB) instituted a "no guns in the clubhouse" policy. This year, the league put signs up to that effect....

Nike T-Shirt Gun


Paintball Prey?

What is a paintball sniper? A paintball sniper is totally different than your typical paintball gunman. A sniper lays low, hidden, usually in complete isolation from...

Babes with Bullets. So To Speak


LBAA (Lego Bolt Action Assault)