Violent Videogames “Causal Risk Factor for Increased Aggressive Behavior”

The latest issue of The American Psychological Association's Bulletin is out! As excited as I am at the prospect of reading "Understanding disclosure decision making and postdisclosure outcomes among people living with a concealable...

Shotgun Wedding

And yes, there's another gun. I mean, "one" after the jump.

Jafaar Jackson Chases Blanket Jackson with a Taser. Allegedly.

From the "You Can't Make This Shit Up But No One Should Be Surprised" department: "The Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services officials are looking into an incident in which one of...

UK Rapper Plays the “Gun Crime Sucks” Card

Don't get me wrong. A rapper who says guns are bad is better than a rapper who glamorizes them. But a rapper who says guns are bad and glamorizes himself for surviving guns is...

Aussie Schools’ Knickers Twisted by Gun Game Website

The BBC reports that Queensland parents, educators and politicians are outraged---outraged I tell you!---by outings to a laser gun "school," photos of same and a reference to "killing fields" posted on the company's website....

Band of Brothers, Lego Style


Campaign to Arm and Train American Worshippers Continues

Dr. Ignatius Piazza is like a dog with a bone. When he finds a media meme that justifies his "most everyone should be armed and extremely well-trained," the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute founder...

Is Jewish Gun Ownership On the Rise?

I doubt it. But one of the main media memes is that all stories are part of a trend. Crime is going up! Crime is going down! More Jews are buying guns! No one...

Here Comes The Cavalry! Or Something.

The Magpul Dynamicsâ„  "The Art Of The Tactical Carbine" 3-Disc DVD Set contains over four hours of actual live fire class instruction and additional instructional material. With extensive combat experience around the globe, instructors...

Youth Baseball Sponsorship Drive: Gun Dealers Need Not Apply

Garden State Youth Baseball (a.k.a. Little League) has affirmed a "just say no to guns" policy. Well, gun dealers. By a vote of 8 to 1 (Chief Justice Roberts dissenting), The South Orange-Maplewood Baseball...

False Alarm Triggers Shotgun Party at Jackson Estate

0 (why fame indeed) reports that reports that the LA Police responded to a burglar alarm at the Jackson family compound in Encino last night. "Five armed LAPD officers entered through the front...

YouTube “Guns Are Awesome” Video Approached 1m Views