NC Congressional Candidate Holds “Machine Gun Social”

0 The unintentionally ironically named shares the mainstream media's belief that the Tea Party movement and gun nuts make for regular bedfellows. And they want you to know it (as in see it their...

Breast Implant Saves Shooting Victim’s Life. Maybe.

As the LA Times points out, the plastic surgeon claiming that D-cup breast implants saved shooting victim Lydia Carranza's life has an axe to grind. So to speak. "Cosmetic surgeon {Dr. Ashkan Ghavami] hopes...

Artist Nails Mona Lisa Copy


Speaking of Nail Guns . . .

The nails it---except for that bit about threatening to "hit" the cop with the gun. An Ider town councilman faces felony charges after authorities said he threatened a police officer with a staple gun. James...



The Greatest Argument for Gun Control in the History of the World Ever


Hollywood Loves Guns—Just Not Yours


Canadian Columnist Slams Second Amendment

"The Queen is the symbolic head of Canada and the Commonwealth. She has exactly zero power. I, too, am a citizen but I regard myself as more free than you because I don't need...

That Didn’t Take Long: Tea Party “Debate” Focuses on Guns

Counterpunch columnist Christopher Ketchum confounds critics with an anti-Tea Party polemic that attempts to wrest Second Amendment rights from the protest group's agenda---while continuing the media meme that they're all trigger-happy madmen (and women)....

Former IRS Agent Hearts Shotguns

Kentucky's profile Bill Elliott, an IRS agent/tax collector turned tax adviser. Clearly, Elliott knows the value of firepower. In fact it helped start his career. Huh. Elliott talks about the government career he had...

With Gun Metaphors Like These . . . Part Two

Once again, a sports writer reaching for metaphorical mellifluousness presents prose that resorts to rifle rhetoric. This time it's Eric Crawford writing for the Alison, his aim is not true. "KNOXVILLE, Tenn. --...

Sarah Get Your Gun: Palin Plans to Pick Up Big Boy

0 Not for nothing The Truth About Guns recently reported that the Arkansas Republican party presented presidential non-candidate Sarah Palin with a Henry Repeating Arms rifle. Dollars to donuts, the gift helped inspire Alaska's ex-Governor...