Illinois State Police Seek Compliance Even From The Dead in New Gun Dealer Licensing Scheme

Bless Jessica Trame’s little heart. She takes her job as chief of the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau very seriously. Seriously enough, in fact, to email deceased Illinois gun dealers seeking their compliance with Kathleen Willis’ new Gun Dealer Licensing Act. The Gun Dealer Licensing mess stands as a giant hot mess for firearms retailerw. […]

AR Sales Skyrocket Ahead of New Washington State Gun Control – TTAG Weekly Gun Law Roundup

AR Sales Skyrocket in Washington Ahead of New We’ve talked about Washington’s Initiative 1639 before. It puts a host of new restrictions on gun owners, including requiring a permanent waiver of their HIPAA rights before buying a handgun or semi-automatic rifle. Ahead of this, Washingtonians are buying up everything they can get their hands on. […]

Wasserman Schultz Pushes Ammo Background Check Named for Parkland Victim Who Wouldn’t Have Been Saved By It

By now, it’s been widely and conclusively established that the Parkland shooting was an epic failure of everyone involved in every level of government. Whether it was the Broward Schools, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas administration and security staff, the school resource officer, the Broward County Sheriff, or the FBI, every one of them failed to […]

Policies Anti-Gunners Hate: Concealed Carry and Guns on Campus

By NRA-ILA We’ve reached week four in the Bloomberg School of Public Health open online course, “Reducing Gun Violence in America: Evidence for Change.” Previous weeks have covered the selective use and criticism of research, the lack of respect for Constitutional rights, and the lack of evidence used to push “evidence-based” policies. Mercifully, we’re almost through the program. […]

TTAG Weekly Gun Law Roundup: Northam’s Special Session, Cities Fight Supremacy, and More Spooky Ghosts

VA Special Session Following the mass murder in VA beach where a city employee murdered 12 people, disgraced Virginia governor Ralph Northam announced his intention to “take on” the Republican controlled state legislature by forcing a debate on a package of gun control measures. Included in Northam’s suggested measures are a ban on suppressors, universal […]

Citizens Committee Slams Northam’s Politicization of Mass Murder to Attack Gun Rights

Yesterday, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam wiped the shoe polish off of his face long enough to hold a press conference and announce that he’s calling a special session of the state legislature. The session’s sole purpose: consider a raft of gun control proposals — an “assault weapons” ban, red flag law, magazine capacity limits, among […]