The Supreme Court’s Failure to Defend Heller Has Created The Situation in Virginia

By Theresa Inacker Why does it seem that liberal extremists are pursuing new infringements on gun rights seemingly unchecked? Why do we have an escalated situation in Virginia where liberal politicians seek to further infringe the Second Amendment rights of its citizens, threatening imprisonment and even violence against Constitutional gun owners who have committed no […]

Ralph Northam Blackface Posters Showing Up All Over Virginia

It looks like there’s no stopping the guerrilla activist movement that Virginia locals have started in response to state Democrats’ push for more restrictions on their Second Amendment rights. First reported in the Culpeper Star-Exponent, flyers and posters featuring the blackface and klan image from Governor Ralph Northam’s college yearbook are showing up all around […]

This is How You Know That Virginia’s Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement Has Them Running Scared

This is how you can tell that the Virginia Second Amendment Sanctuary movement has them really rattled…the Washington Post pays enough attention to run drivel like this. First there’s the economic argument. These crazy gun nuts are going to scare away all of the entrepreneurial lefties with cash — the kind of people we REALLY […]

Virginia ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban: This Is Why We Have to Watch Legislation Closely

While some gun owners prefer to complacently ignore legislation until it passes, that’s a luxury we really can’t afford. Last year, Virginia Senate Bill 16 was pre-filed in anticipation of the Democrats impending takeover of the state legislature. This bill expands the class of “assault weapons” and bans them outright. No grandfathering. Facing a remarkable […]

Two States Seeking a Ban on Red Flag Law Enforcement

By John Hanna, AP Republicans in two Midwestern states where GOP-controlled legislatures have gun-rights majorities are proposing measures aimed at preventing the U.S. government or other states from taking guns away from residents whom the courts deem a danger to themselves. Neither Oklahoma nor Kansas has “red flag” laws through which relatives or police can […]

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Wants to Hire 18 Assault Weapons Ban ‘Support’ Employees

Those newly outlawed guns aren’t going to confiscate themselves . . . “We see in the governor’s proposed budget that he wants $4 million and 18 new law-enforcement positions to enforce a ban on commonly-owned firearms,” said Erich Pratt, Gun Owners of America senior vice president. “Gun owners want to know: Is this money going to be […]

Gun Rights Supporters Flood Northern Virginia Gun Control Budget Public Comment Meeting

By Jeff Hulbert Virginia gun owners—incensed by harsh new gun control measures being floated at the statehouse—have harshly rebuked state lawmakers in a daylong face-off that marks the first skirmish of 2020 between citizens and politicians over gun rights. It took place in Northern Virginia, at a budgetary “public comment” event —one of four taking […]