Will Dick’s CEO Ed Stack Jump into the 2020 Presidential Race?

With less-than-inspiring enthusiasm for the three elderly individuals who currently lead the polls in the Democrat presidential primary race, there’s speculation that other elderly people are thinking about jumping in while there’s still time. Though billionaire gun control financier Michael Bloomberg had previously ruled it out, recent trial balloons reports claim Mayor Mike is now […]

Beto’s Gun Confiscation Push Has Damaged the Cause of Gun Control and Could Ensure Trump’s Reelection

Along with the far left wing of the Democrat party’s insistence on pushing for impeachment (which ended any chance of federal legislation on background checks or red flag laws), Second Amendment supporters have been given a huge, beautifully wrapped early Christmas gift in the form of Robert Francis O’Rourke’s all-out, unapologetic, full-throated declaration that he […]

Sheriff: My Deputies Won’t Be Beto O’Rourke’s ‘Personal Gestapo’

Americans continue to talk about obscure Democrat presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke‘s proud proclamation at September’s Democratic debate. “Hell yes!  We’re going to take your AR-15s. And AK-47s,” O’Rourke said. Of course, Beto would be bravely leading all of the required confiscation squads from behind. Robert Francis can’t avoid questions about how his gun grab would […]

There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Good Red Flag Law’

By Ryan Frasor On September 28, 2019, The Daily Signal published an article written by Amy Swearer of the Heritage Foundation describing a hypothetical version of a “Red Flag” gun confiscation law that would be acceptable to gun owners. The article argues that if such a law incorporated “meaningful” due process and “safeguards against abuse […]