Gun Owners’ Mindset: We Do Not Abide

By Nicolas Johnson If you ever call yourself a “law-abiding” gun owner, stop. It’s degrading. It insults the shooting community, and it hurts private gun ownership. Stop now and never use that phrase again. Mindset: We Do Not Abide “To abide” is “to bear patiently,” “to endure without yielding,” or “to accept without objection,” according […]

This Time From ‘The Atlantic’…You Can’t Expect Cops to Improve Without Lots More Gun Control

Oh look! Yet another media rando connecting police reform to…you guessed it…gun control. Another thoughtful, plaintive plea claiming we can’t possibly do anything about officer misconduct and police brutality in a country where civilians are allowed to walk around freely with firearms. The real tell here that Mr. Thompson is nothing but a gun control […]

The Supreme Court Confirms the Second Amendment Remains a Second Class Right

[I]n several jurisdictions throughout the country, law-abiding citizens have been barred from exercising the fundamental right to bear arms because they cannot show that they have a “justifiable need” or “good reason” for doing so. One would think that such an onerous burden on a fundamental right would warrant this Court’s review. This Court would […]