Five Easy Ways to Make AR-15 Lower Receivers at Home

It's still very much legal to build your own firearms for personal use at home. Lots of shooters enjoy the process and many also appreciate the fact that their firearm doesn't appear in any...

How Are Gun Owners Preparing For and Dealing With a Potential Biden Presidency?

If you watched any of the Democratic National Convention -- I can't say I blame you if you avoided it like the plague, pun intended -- you probably caught the overarching focus on the...

ATF Agent: I Lost My Gun in A Boating Accident

"A Castaic man fishing on the dam at Castaic Lake found a backpack that had been exposed as the water line has gone down 151 feet," reports. "The bag contained a gun and...
NFA For Beginners: Form 1 to Manufacture an NFA Item

National Firearms Act For Beginners: Using Form 1 to Manufacture an NFA Item

When an individual or a trust/corporation (read about the Silencer Shop Single Shot Trust HERE) purchases an existing NFA-regulated "firearm" (silencer, short-barreled rifle, short-barreled shotgun, "any other weapon," destructive device, or machine gun), the...

Marine: .223 May Not Be Lethal Enough for Civilians

281 I know that you can see my name in my email address, however, if you don't mind I would like to remain anonymous for obvious reasons which will become clear in a moment. Please, allow...

Gallup Poll: Support for Gun Control Laws Dropping in 2020

Despite how the presidential election is playing out, Gallup Poll reports a significant decline in support for gun control laws. In fact, apparently support of said laws is lower than it has been since...

The Second Amendment, the Founders and Original Intent

  By Sgt. Patrick Hayes In a recent TTAG thread I watched as a debate ensued over the words "well regulated"and their meaning in the Second Amendment. I read an article recently from a deluded anti-gun...
President Joe Biden

Biden’s Getting the Anti-Gun Band Back Together Again

By Larry Keane President Joe Biden is making good on one part of his “unity” pledge. He’s getting the band back together to sing to America why he wants more gun control. The problem is he’s...
founders repeating rifles assault rifle

As a Matter of Fact, the Founding Fathers Did Know About Repeating Rifles

Gun control advocates love to claim that the Founding Fathers couldn’t possibly have conceived of repeating rifles when they drafted the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights. The history of Joseph Belton, an...
Q honey badger sb tactical

Confirmed: ATF Brass Recommended Targeting Braces, 80% Lowers Under a Biden Administration

Yesterday, John Crump published a report at regarding a recent conference call between the ATF's top brass and the "Biden transition team." To be clear, no matter what you may read in the...

SAF, FPC Sue the ATF to End Under-21 Handgun Sales Ban

From the Second Amendment Foundation: The Second Amendment Foundation today filed a federal lawsuit challenging federal law that prevents young adults from purchasing and owning handguns. SAF is joined by the Firearms Policy Coalition and Louisiana...
Bank of America

Comptroller of the Currency’s Proposed Rule Would End Anti-Gun Banking Discrimination

By Larry Keane The days of corporate banking overlords forcing discriminatory policies on lawful industries is, hopefully, coming to an end. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency released a proposed rule that would...