Things That Don’t Suck: Labradar Chronograph

In the 1950’s, scientists developed what we now refer to as ‘Doppler radar’. A more recent application of the Doppler-radar technology resulted in the chronograph, called Labradar (produced by Infinition Inc. of Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada). My own research into what chronograph to purchase began because of a series of reviews I was asked to do […]

Magpul Expands Their Terrain Line of Sun and Shooting Glasses

As someone who’s nearsighted, I have to have my shades and shooting glasses made with prescription lenses. That’s a bummer as there are so many other great (and less expensive) options out there. Some of the most attractive and best-featured are from Magpul’s eyewear line. They manage to look good without appearing too “tactical.” They’ve […]

Timney’s New Remington 700 Hit Trigger

If you’re a long-range shooter, you know the importance of a good trigger. And while the Remington 700 platform is a popular choice for many long-range shooters, one of the first upgrades to a stock rifle is a new trigger. Or, if you’re putting together a new build based on the Model 700 platform, one […]

We Knife Co. Now Making Titanium 1911 Grip Scales

If you’re a knife knut as well as a firearms fan, you may have heard of We Knife Co. They’re a Chinese knife manufacturer that turns out some incredibly well-made and nicely designed blades. Thanks to a tip from Clay Aalders (former TTAK editor and now digital editor of Knife Magazine), we hear that We […]