Coming Soon: B&T USW Grip Module With Stock for SIG P320

Teaser photos of the B&T USW-320 have been circulating around the interwebs for a few months now. We should have covered it but sometimes these things slip through the cracks. Basically it’s a stripped polymer pistol frame that accepts SIG P320 parts. The best part of the design: the serialized part in the modular design […]

Lyman Products New Tacstar Carbon Fiber AR Handguards

If your AR is on the heavy side, a full day of shooting can leave you worn out. Feeling half past dead. Because of the weight. Never fear, though, because Lyman products has a solution for you. Their new Tacstar free-floating handguards are made of uber-light, ultra-strong carbon fiber with plenty of M-LOK positions and […]

New From JM4 Tactical – RELIC Leather Lined Boltaron Holsters

Boltaron seems to be the new hotness in holster materials. And that’s partially due to hotness. A number of makers have come out with Boltaron holsters recently, and that’s at least partially due to the material’s greater resistance to heat. Texas-based JM4 Tactical combines the thermoformed polymer material with an internal layer of steer hide. […]

New From V Grips: G10 Hudson H9 Grips

As the Hudson H9 continues to grow in popularity aftermarket accessories are slowly coming to market. VZ Grips is the latest to drink the Hudson Kool-Aid. Available now for $75 the VZ Grips G10 grip panels come in 3 styles and several color choices.    VZ Grip’s  Aliens series which provide a lot of grip […]

New from Battle Arms Development: Enhanced Lower Parts Kit

Battle Arms Development makes some great products. Now they’re offering a new enhanced lower parts kit, featuring an extended bolt catch, safety selector, and single-sided magazine catch. Here are some details: ENHANCED LOWER PARTS KIT – CONSISTING OF THE FOLLOWING Enhanced Bolt Catch (BAD-EBC-IC), which is a cost friendly alternative, without sacrificing the quality for […]

English Hardwood Grips for Your AR-15? Why Not?

While AR-15s are light, reliable, customizable and mighty handy, they’re more than a little, well, utilitarian in their aesthetic. Not that that’s a bad thing. Most of the time. But some of us love the look and feel of hardwood. Which is why companies like Black Wood USA now offers English walnut grips you can […]

New from Bushnell: New Bushnell Ballistics App

Back in grade school, my math skills were severely lacking. I blame my father. The day he brought home an LED calculator I immediately concluded there was no need to learn my times tables. What did long range shooters do before ballistic apps? Memorize strings of calculations and/or carry a lot of notes. No more. […]

New from BulletSafe: Bulletproof Bandana [VIDEO]

I understand why a police officer facing a ballistic assault would want a BulletSafe Bulletproof Bandana: it protects some pretty important bits and pieces of their body. The problem: the lower face-covering shield makes officers seem even less like actual people than their usual body armor and, it should be said, reflective sunglasses. It’s hard […]

New from Tech Smith MFG: B&T Tailhook Brace Adapter

I really enjoy shooting my B&T TP9, which I reviewed here. I haven’t registered it as an SBR yet. I’m just not convinced it’s going to stay in my permanent collection. The main reason: its proprietary suppressor is just too expensive to use on only one weapon. Sure it’s a great suppressor, but if I’m going […]