Posi-Lum’s New FireTail Weapon Light Switch

From Posi-Lum: Posi-Lūm, a Reno-based firearm accessory company has formed a partnership with D4 Advanced Media in developing innovative products in the tactical weapon lighting industry including the recently announced FireTail product. The new product enhances and solves problems related to the reliability, functionality and ergonomics of firearm-mounted flashlights and other weapon lighting. By omitting […]

Streamlight’s New TLR-1 HL Dual Remote Switch Kit

From Streamlight . . . Streamlight, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting and weapon light/laser sighting devices, launched the TLR-1 HL® Dual Remote Kit. The new kit, with included TLR-1 HL light, allows for the individual or simultaneous activation of the light and an external aiming device. With direct mounting to all MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) […]

ZEISS Adds Six New Precision Ring Sets for 30mm and 34mm Rifle Scopes

From ZEISS . . . ZEISS announces the addition of six new sets of rings to the trusted and field-proven series of ZEISS Precision Rings that were introduced early in 2019. ZEISS raises the bar by offering features like an integral anti-cant bubble level, integral recoil lug, and unique designs that incorporate specialized machining and finishing processes to prevent […]

GrovTec’s Easy, Ambidextrous Quick Detach Sling Mount for AR-15 Rifles, PCCs

American manufacturer GrovTec has released a new way to upgrade AR-pattern rifles and PCCs by adding quick-detach mounting points without disassembling the firearm. The Tri-Base Buffer Tube Sling Mount installs quickly and easily on any mil-spec buffer tube with the included hex key and requires no disassembly of the firearm.  Without needing to replace the […]

SHOT Show: Kinetic Energy Tools KET Brass Deflector

From TTAG’s simple, affordable solutions desk comes the KET Brass-Deflector. It deflects your gun’s flying brass in a consistent, controlled fashion, generally straight down. It’s lightweight, made in the U.S., and near universal in its use. Each Brass-Deflector ships folded in a plastic clamshell. Included are three clips: two for mounting the Brass-Deflector to a […]