Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Compact Now in .45 ACP

Smith & Wesson’s M2.0 line of semi-auto pistols corrected the only real complaint most shooters had with the original M&P line…that trigger. The updated bangswitch is light years ahead of the original (see JWT’s review of the excellent M&P9 M2.0 Compact here). Now, with an eye to .45 fans, Smith has announced the new M&P45 […]

CMA Wallets Curveball Deep Concealment Holster

John Drake of CMA Wallets tells TTAG that he designed his Curveball holster as a deep concealment option police officers and lots of LEOs have been using and loving them. Drake said that when off duty and going through a security checkpoint, cops can plop them down and the general public is none the wiser. […]

Viridian’s New X Series Gen 3 Lights/Lasers With Cameras for the Consumer Market

Gun-mounted cameras for LEOs are becoming a thing. A Minnesota department just announced they’ll be equipping their officers’ duty guns with Viridian’s FACT Duty Weapon-Mounted Lights. It’s an auto-on system that begins recording as soon as the pistol is drawn from the holster. Now Viridian’s announced they’re offering their new X Series Gen 3 lights and […]

New TTAG Swag! A Tumbler! A Hoodie! More Shirts!

The response to our new TTAG Swag has been surprising. There are apparently a lot of OFWGs and POTGs out there who were just hankering to let their gun flags fly. Plus, we’ve benefitted from some great suggestions from you, our readers, as to additional items you’d like to see offered. Ask and you shall […]

New! GLOCK 24-Round 9mm Magazines

Good news from the folks at GLOCK. The plastic fantastic gun maker has released a new 24-round factory 9mm magazine. After all, you don’t want to run out of bubble gum in a gun battle. Without a doubt, plenty of GLOCK owners in free America will welcome the new offering. The new mags are for […]

Alien Gear’s New ShapeShift Polymer Pocket Holster

If you pocket carry, you know that pocket holsters are leather or fabric affairs, either shaped to stay in your pocket when you draw or covered with a sticky, cling-y texture to make sure it stays behind when you pull your gun. Alien Gear’s new ShapeShift pocket holster is, well, different. It’s polymer, designed to […]

Reptilia’s New ROF SAR 30mm Red Dot Optic Mount

Want another option for mounting your Leupold Delta Point Pro on your rifle along with your magnified scope? Angled offset mounts confine you to one orientation, usually 45 degrees. Reptilia’s ROF SAR lets you mount your sight at almost any angle. Here’s their press release . . . Reptilia Announces New 30mm Tube Red Dot Optic […]