Brownells Announces Retro M16A1/AR-15 Furniture

Brownells won’t be peddling poodle skirts or coonskin caps any time soon, but they’re hearkening back to the 1950s and Eugene Stoner’s most iconic design for the latest additions to their famously comprehensive product line-up. They’re now offering M16A1 furniture in three decorator colors to achieve the classic look you’ve been wanting your AR. Here’s […]

Mod Zero Announces the M-Zero Scope Mount

When Luke Yost bought an ACOG he decided he wanted to be able to move his new optic between a couple of rifles. Luke was busy studying material science at MIT and didn’t have the time to re-zero his optic so he did what any enterprising MIT student would do. He started his own company […]

XS Sights Announces New F8 Night Sights

After giving them a real-world try, we’ve become big fans of XS Big Dot Tritium sights (check out our report here). Now the Texas-based company’s announcing an addition to their lineup, the new F8 night sight system. Rather than the Big Dot’s lollipop dot-on-post system, the F8’s use a figure eight arrangement with a photoluminescent […]

New From Adams Arms: Left-Handed Piston Bolt Carriers

While there are a handful of left-handed AR-15s on the market, there are precisely zero southpaw gas-piston ARs available. Well, until now. Adams Arms has just released a lefty bolt carrier for its piston kits. It’s compatible with any left-ejecting AR-15 upper receiver and any of AA’s existing piston kits. At the moment, though, the […]

Labor Day Weekend Gun-Related Sales

Though almost nobody remembers why we celebrate Labor Day anymore, it has become America’s #2 retail sales holiday behind Black Friday. From cars to food to mattresses, prices are low. Thankfully, the deals include firearms and gear as well. We’ve taken the liberty of compiling a small list for your shopping and saving pleasure: Brownells […]

New From Samson Mfg: SXS Lightweight Rail

It is just me, or has Samson been a bit quiet the last few years? They used to be the AR-15 handguard manufacturer, but boy oh boy has the market become saturated. Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that the Samson folks still manufacture extremely high-quality AR parts that would be at home on any […]

New From Tyrant Designs CNC: HALO Series AR HandStop

Tyrant Designs CNC has spent the last year or so becoming an established name in the AR accessories market by introducing sharp looking, functional parts. New from Tyrant is the HALO handstop. Press release follows: TYRANT DESIGNS CNC |  HALO HandStop Launch | Press Release Tyrant Designs CNC is at it again, this time coming […]