Product Review: LockSAF Biometric Handgun Safe

Even before we had our first child, I knew I had to change the way I stored my firearms. Rapid access to a home defense gun had to play second fiddle to safety. After all,...

Kopin Wins $27m Contract For TWS-11B Thermal Eyepiece

0 reports that the U.S. Army has awarded a $27 million contract to Taunton Mass military contractor Kopin ("The Nanosemiconductor Company") for their latest gen thermal eyepiece. In case you were wondering. Kopin's TWS-IIB eyepiece...

Review: CrossBreed SuperTuck Holster

if you're fit enough to carry inside the waistband, do yourself a favor and check out a SuperTuck. I don't think you can find a better solution for conceal carry, and the price is right.

Review – Caldwell E-MAX Low-Profile Electronic Earmuffs

Once you start making regular pilgrimages to your gun range, you'll quickly find that the extra cans most ranges supply leave something to be desired. Cleanliness, for one thing. I mean, nobody sits around...

Total Recoil 5: Speaking of Elephant Guns Edition