Gear Review: Leupold Tactical Flashlights

If you've read any of several of my earlier posts on tactical flashlights, you'll already know I'm a fan. I carry one on a daily basis, and I've found it to be more useful...

Leupold & Stevens, Bushnell Settle Lawsuit Out of Court

In February, Leupold & Stevens sued Bushnell Inc. in U.S. District Court in Portland, Oregon for infringement of Leupold’s U.S. Patent No. 7,654,029 relating to its True Ballistic Range® technology for laser rangefinders. ...

Question of the Day: What Gun Would You Add to This Survival Pack?

4 offers survivalism for dummies. Or lazy people. Here's the description of their $449 Survivor Pack model 94102: The ASAP Survivor starter pack is the most advanced land-based pack we offer. We started with 72...

Is This the Tackiest Gun Ever Made?

You guessed it: Mexican drug lord. But wait! There's more! Literally. The guy had THREE of them (family photo after the jump). And so, so MUCH more!

eBay Bans Anti-Gun Control T-Shirt

2 reminds me of Toy Story's Pizza Planet. In both cases, all is not what it seems. Still, in the world of imagination, everything is possible. Except selling anti-gun control T-shirts on eBay. "A...

Video Review: GunVault GV1000C – DLX Gun Safe

5 Full review of the Gun Vault GV1000C - DLX to follow.

“How to disassembling, cleaning & assembling airbrush gun”


For The Man Who Has [Multiple Copies of] Everything


Apple Patents Gun [Not Shown]

0 Killer app? Kinda. reports that the Cupertino computer maker has filed a patent entitled "System and Method for Authentication Based on Particle Gun Emissions." The patent app tells the tale: "Allowing initial information...

Product Review: GunVault NanoVault 100

12 In the video above, the GunVault NanoVault 100 was disconnected from its security cord . Hence the little hole that provided a perfect place to begin the $29.95 portable safe's destruction. If the wire...

LaserLyte® and Ka-BAR® Introduce Laser-Guided Pistol Bayonet

Three, three, three. The gun mavens at Sig Sauer Academy reckon that most gunfights involve three rounds fired in three seconds at about three yards. So, in theory, a five-shooter offers 75 percent ballistic...

Incendiary Image of the Day: iRevolver

Gun owners---or potential gun owners---looking for the "real" iPhone of guns are directed to Brett Solomon's review of the Ruger LCP. Meanwhile, this, which gives the iPhone a distinctly Dirty Harry vibe. So...